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What to mum!!!

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Reiltin Mon 15-Jul-13 05:11:20

I do the vest top thing but also have a Bebe au Lait - it's like a bf apron that you wear over you and baby for privacy. Boots have them.

izzybizzybuzzybees Mon 15-Jul-13 00:29:32

I normally stick to the two top method ( vest top under normal top, pull normal top up and best top down under boobs) but in this heat it's kinda sticky. So I've just been wearing one top and pulling it up and baby hides my tummy. Even a strapless top works and can be pulled down with a muslin draped over shoulder!

starsandstripes72 Mon 15-Jul-13 00:13:57

Thank you so much for your advice. Shall have a look at what i have already and shop for some more tomorrow

LillyofWinchester Mon 15-Jul-13 00:13:52


Either a vest top and a loose top over the top, so pull vest top down , get boob out, position baby nearby then quickly pull the other top up, but that would be hot in this weather.

Or a nursing top like this,
Which is very discreet, but if you are going out tomorrow might not help. You can buy them from h&m, or jojo Maman bebe, or online.

Best thing to do while you are still figuring it all out and getting the hang of quickly latching is sit facing a wall or position your husband to block your view. And remember a) most people won't even notice as they are too busy with their own lives, and b) even if they do notice they will look away quickly once they realise what you are doing, either out of respect or their own embarrassment.

Also, if you do need some privacy if your baby is fussing or you feel shy m&s will let you borrow one of their changing rooms usually. Believe me, in a couple of months you'll have got the knack of it and won't even think twice about feeding out and about. Good luck!

mrsmartin1984 Mon 15-Jul-13 00:06:22

Venture to primark and buy a few of their vest tops in a variety of colours.

LittleNutTree Mon 15-Jul-13 00:03:54

Oh and congratulations!! smile

LittleNutTree Mon 15-Jul-13 00:03:21

Bump bands are fab for breastfeeding, you just wear one under your top and they cover your tummy.New Look has them here but Mothercare, H&M, eBay and a few other places have them too smile

jessieagain Sun 14-Jul-13 23:53:22

I wear oversize stretchy tops. I personally find it easier just to pull my top down to feed and then drape a scarf or stick a muzlin over the top part of my breast. That is the easiest way I have found and fortunately oversize stretchy tops are in the shops at the moment. Also means you don't need to wear a vest underneath in this heat. When you need to feed find a quiet place in a cafe or somewhere like that, I found places were always very kind and accommodating, got offered glasses of cold water a lot of times too.

Enjoy your first outing with baby, special times smile

Drhamsterstortoise Sun 14-Jul-13 23:45:47

It's hard the first few weeks.I'm only comfortable doing it now and I breastfed my first for a year!vest top,loose top over it and baby's blanket to cover.Bought a nursing cover but find a blanket thrown over shoulder much better!

starsandstripes72 Sun 14-Jul-13 23:43:02

I have a 3 day old baby and am breast feeding. Haven't really left the house yet with all the visitors etc but am going to brave a little expedition with dh tomorrow for lunch and a little shop. Really don't know what to wear so i can discreetly breast feed in this weather (latching on is currently a bit messy) suggestions would be great please.

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