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Desperate- I am at breaking point with extreme nipple and breast pain after 5 months. Any ideas???

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dreamsicle Sun 14-Jul-13 18:38:57

Thanks for all the replies. I have spoken to a couple of specialist lactation consultants who I know. They don't seem to have suggested anything to do with latch. I would have thought latch should be stable not changing over time ? Also the baby doesn't have tongue tie -this is for sure.

I don't think it is Raynauds as it is really warm weather where we live (not in the UK) and also nipple does not turn purple or blue etc after pale. I did try Nifedipine too for a couple of days in case it was that but it gave me headaches and was not worth it. And didnt cure the symptoms. Also it is unilateral so it must be something specific to that nipple I am thinking.

Anyone else got any advice? I am thinking to stop the breastfeeding on that side and just express for a few days to allow things to settle down and maybe try again ?

McBaby Sun 14-Jul-13 07:08:56

Poor latch causing compression during feed followed by blanching and pain after the feed. I would suggest poor latch.

Has your little one been checked for tongue tie? This caused us endless amounts of pain especially on one side. Or it could be a pood position which has got worse and worse over time.

imip Sun 14-Jul-13 06:08:41

Really poor latch, dumb iPad....

imip Sun 14-Jul-13 06:08:07

My nipple goes quite pale after breastfeeding also. Even white. I'd say. I've always had trouble breast feeding. Went through a lot of pain when dd4 was 12 months and I discovered it was a really poor and she had worked into some weird new position while feeling.

Could you be pregnant again? Is the pain later a stabbing pain?

Sorry all random suggestions I know. I've breastfeeding 4dds til almost one or longer and feeding has often been problematic, you have my sympathies.....

Cravingdairy Sun 14-Jul-13 05:55:19

Have you tried calling one of the helplines? If it's just one side it's unlikely to be thrush I think. Is there a BF group near you? Sounds like you need an expert to take a look. Good luck.

Ouchy Sun 14-Jul-13 05:52:32

Look up Reynauds? Just a thought; might not be, I am no expert. But if you look it up you can see of the symptoms match yours..?

dreamsicle Sun 14-Jul-13 05:25:59

I have been suffering with this left nipple and breast pain for a few weeks now but it seems to be getting worse despite everything I tried. I am now considering giving up the breastfeeding. I tried all the treatments for fungal infection including the oral anti fungals as this is what I thought I had but I now doubt it was ever thrush. I have taken a week of oral antibiotics too in case it was bacterial.

The nipple looks a normal pink colour and I don't feel unwell. It is only the left side. The tip of it goes slightly pale after breastfeeding. It now hurts severely when baby latches on, throughout the feed and excruciating for 1-3 hours after when I am having to take strong painkillers. It is worse than labour pains.I have no idea what the cause is and desperate to try anything. The only different thing recently is that the baby has started taking bottles in the mornings whilst I am at work and I am expressing once or twice a day too. He has a good latch and breastfeed on the other side and has breastfeed for 4 months before without problems.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar or has advice for me? I am counting on some good advice from you bright lot!

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