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engorgement when they start sleeping through

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mrsmartin1984 Sun 14-Jul-13 06:41:07

Will adjust in a few days. Express only enough to relive the pain. If you pump till you're empty you will exaserbate the problem. Congrats on baby sleeping through

Helspopje Sat 13-Jul-13 21:19:41

additional issue is that I can only pump effectively from one side so if it is the 'bad' side that is engorged I'm in trouble. I use a medela freestyle and, although there doesn't seem to be a difference in nipple side was considering getting a different sized breast shield to see if it makes a difference to output as there is plenty of milk on that side when baby feeds from there.

any other ideas?

Awakeagain Sat 13-Jul-13 20:03:49

I had this when ds went longer between feeds at night, I expressed for comfort if I woke up (they would just leak if not so may as well keep the milk!!)
I also got into the habit of expressin one side when I got up in the morning too

McBaby Sat 13-Jul-13 19:55:32

It will adjust in a few days. I did on a few occasions express a small amount so I could get back to sleep.

SpooMoo Sat 13-Jul-13 16:33:15

Hand express a little for comfort, either to store or just down the sink. Your supply should adjust soon. Good luck!

squidkid Sat 13-Jul-13 14:16:21

This happened to me around the same age - it was great to get so much sleep - but yes so uncomfortable! I would make sure baby feeds off both sides before bed and hand express a little only to make yourself comfortable. Mine calmed down within a week and then I got loads of lovely sleep until 4 months when it all went to pot!!

glorious Sat 13-Jul-13 14:08:31

No expert but I'd definitely say don't express before bed, that'll probably make it worse. I'd say if it's bad enough to wake you just hand express until it's not sore then leave it and your supply should adjust fairly quickly. Lucky you! smile

AnythingNotEverything Sat 13-Jul-13 14:08:18

I have no advice, but thank you for showing that breastfed babies do sleep! All you hear is horror stories about 2 hourly feeds for months and months.

I would assume your supply will adjust, but I think I'd be tempted to express before bed so you have some in the freezer in case you ever need to go out alone.

Helspopje Sat 13-Jul-13 14:02:40

My baby is 9 weeks and started sleeping 7pm to 6am with no dream feed for the last week. My breasts are so engoged that they wake me up at 4am in discomfort and I stuggle to get back to sleep again. It seems such a shame to miss out on valuable sleep

Should I
express both sides before bed?
express enough for comfort at 4am?
tough it out and everything will adjust itself soon enough?


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