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Completely erratic feeding patterns. WTF?

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Havingkittens Wed 10-Jul-13 05:56:10

My baby is 12 weeks old so i'd have thought there'd be some sort of pattern by now, but In the last week we've had;

Feeding for 15 mins at a time at night but waking an hour later, throughout the night.

Feeding for an hour with about 3 mhours in between feeds.

Feeding for about 30-40 mins with 4-5 hours between feeds.

Tonight we have had 8-8.30, 9-9.30, 9.50-10.30, 11.45-12.30, 2.45-4.15, 5.15 - still feeding now at 5.45. I don't know if this has any bearing on tonight's crazy schedule but he had his second jabs yesterday.

Can anyone shed any light on whether this is typical in any way, whether his feeding should be more predictable at this stage - or if this sounds like something you've experienced, how long does it take to settle into more of a routine.

He doesn't have a particular feeding routine during the day. It't generally on his demand as well as fitting in around what we're doing (ie. being out and about and him falling asleep). I would understand if he was compensating for missed feeds in the day, or not hungry at night due to frequent feeding during the day but that doesn't seem to have a pattern either.

SirBoobAlot Wed 10-Jul-13 17:16:15

Would say that last night was probably due to jabs, normal for them to be slightly unsettled and out of sorts, following them.

Also worth remembering that the temperature has just shifted dramatically, and babies, just like us, find it hard to adjust to the switch, especially if it hasn't been gradual.

There is also a growth spurt at three months smile

Don't stress about things, you're doing exactly the right thing by feeding on demand. There is a lot of going with the flow in early days, and jabs / heat / growth spurts all have to allowed to do their thing! It does settle down.

Callmedreckly Wed 10-Jul-13 17:20:29

Ive just had this whilst out shopping with LO! Also 12 weeks.
Fed twice whilst out (2 hours we were out)

Been home an hour & she is feeding for 2nd time,

night time - sometimes sleeps through 11pm- 5am or sometimes awake every couple of hours x

iamfizzy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:47:12

ditto above. Jabs, heat, growth spurts. Just a bit shitty when they all come at the same time. If it's any consolation, after the last growth spurt my little one had she spent two days almost constantly asleep! Just roll with it and it should even itself out x

Havingkittens Thu 11-Jul-13 04:19:41

Thanks for the reassurance. He's reacted much worse to these jabs than the first set so I guess he's a bit out of sorts anyway, the heat also not helping. If he is having a growth spurt, at least all his summer clothes might actually fit him!

SirBoobAlot Thu 11-Jul-13 09:51:43

They time all the jabs really badly IMO, as they all clash with development spurts.

Hopefully things will settle down soon.

Havingkittens Mon 15-Jul-13 22:59:53

Thanks for all your comments. I think I have my answer. In the last few days my LO has grown into several items of clothes that didn't fit a week ago, discovered his feet over the weekend and today he rolled over from back to front for the first time and then started trying to crawl, so major growth spurt both physically and developmentally.

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