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OMG please heeeeeellllpp!!!

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Helenemjay Sun 04-Jun-06 21:19:59

(Thanks everyone for all your really fantastic support regarding my crappy in laws and my 'gross breastfeeding'!!) but now we have developed a REAL problem which is fast casuing me to consider getting the formula out she has literally in the last week got both her two top front teeth and has already got her two bottom front teeth and so the last couple of days she has started to bite like hell! - OMG my poor poor poor nipples are soooo shredded please please can anyone suggest something i can do to stop her or something, she is still feeding ok but even when she is feeding she is somehow rubbing her two top teeth against my skin and its making me bleed then wehn she's finished feeding she clamps down and pulls back and laughs at me i have tears running down my face and blood soaked through my bra and through my shirt yesterday she is shredding me please please hellllp!!!

mears Sun 04-Jun-06 21:22:24

Helenenjay - if she has your nipple in her mouth properly then her teeth should not hurt you, especially the bottom ones as her tongue should be over them. When she bites just stop the feed immediately. She will very quickly learn that if she bites she will not get fed. How old is she?

hoxtonchick Sun 04-Jun-06 21:23:51

my dd spent a couple of weeks having experimental nips at the end of feeds (she's 11 months & has got 6 teeth). i kept telling her no. she's stopped now but it was horrid. good luck.

mears Sun 04-Jun-06 21:26:22

Just seen she is 8 months old. This is really common and will pass if you persevere with stopping feed if she bites. Does not tend to last long honestly.

Piffle Sun 04-Jun-06 21:28:57

When dd bit me at about 9 mths old, she bit so hard, I howled shriked at the blood and dumped her in her cot, and declared that was IT!
I was in tears to dp for the evening feed... but she never did it again
With ds he was more playful and used it as a game, I flicked him on the cheek firmly, to divert his attention and took him off the breast if he was just haging on for the hell of it...
Biting IMHO rarely occurs when they are really hungry and wanting their feed...

expatinscotland Sun 04-Jun-06 21:28:59

yikes! and here i am congratulating myself on being just days away from the magic 6 months and thinking it was rough when she was at that stage where she was pinching my poor boob.

hang in there.

Helenemjay Sun 04-Jun-06 21:37:39

Oh she bites and looks at me and has this great big cheeky grin at which point i stop the feed and we do something else or if she is still hingry some told me to pull her hair a little, not much but just to show her that two can play that game! but i really dont know whats happening with her teeth while she is feeding, your right mears about her bottom teeth, her tongue does cover them but her top ones feel like they are dug in while she is feeding, i fed her last feed before bed earlier and i know she wasnt being a sod as she was half asleep and i could still feel her teeth digging in, and when i took her off and put her to bed my poor i have an area that looks like the skins been rubbed off and it bleeding i have tried changing her position and it doesnt help at all, god i cant explain the pian it hurts like hell!

Karmamother Sun 04-Jun-06 21:39:42

Firstly. just want to say WELL DONE for still BFing. I remember how hard it was for you in the early days. I've read somewhere, possibly kellymom, that as an alternative to pulling them off (& risking the nipple damage) is to push their face into your boob. This will cause them to open their mouth to take in a breath.
When my DS did this I shrieked so loudly he got the fright of his life & never did it again. Currently waiting for DD to get her first teeth so I can experience the joy again.

Helenemjay Sun 04-Jun-06 22:11:29

LOL karmamother my sister said when her ds used to bite her arms and shoulder and her husbands shoulder etc she tried everything to stop him but he wouldnt! then one day her dh was layed on the floor watching tv with her ds on his chest and he just suddenly sunk his teeth in, and her dh jumped up off the floor yelling and her poor ds fell off in fright lol - he never ever bit again! little monkeys they are sometimes. Good idea too about pushing therye faces into the boob i will try that next time she's trying to eat my whole boob for tea lol, im getting so im really really dreading the next feed i'll keep at it though, hopefully we will sort it with out too much more blood loss - i fear i might not have much left lol!!

fishie Sun 04-Jun-06 22:23:16

owww i remember that, esp the hanging on with top teeth bit. he also thought hearing 'no' was the funniest ever. did take a couple of weeks, but it really does work if you stop the feed.

ds (13 months) still nips if i try to feed for longer than he wants (watching telly or computering ) or when he's just delivering a tooth, but not ever as bad.

WigWamBam Sun 04-Jun-06 22:28:22

Someone seriously told you to pull her hair to show that "two can play at that game"? Please don't listen to that kind of advice; it will be a long while before she has enough empathy to understand that you can feel pain too.

Dd only did it to me once; my shriek of pain and swift removal from the breast seems to have been enough! Otherwise I agree with Mears - every time she bites, stop the feed and put her down.

LeahE Sun 04-Jun-06 22:46:53

I agree -- when she bites, stop the feed, say firmly "no biting", and put her down without attention for a bit (just 30 seconds or so). It shouldn't last long, although it is not a good phase.

Helenemjay Mon 05-Jun-06 11:32:38

I have to be honest WWW, i only pulled her hair (really gently) once and she gave me this look, and i felt sooo mean and horrible that i never did it again, im pretty soft i cant yell at my kids without feeling guilty for a week!
She has just had a feed and gone down for a nap and she only nipped once or twice, but i have horrible gaping sore holes where she has mauwled me and every suck is soooo painful i hope you are all right and she will soon get bored off biting, i wish i could stop feeding for a day or two until my skin heals and then resume it, but it doesnt work like that does it!!

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