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is it a good idea to prepare your nipples for b/feeding when pregnant?

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LucyJones Sat 03-Jun-06 20:59:26

And if so how? had a nightamre with ds and gave up at 5 weeks becasue of the cracked, bleeding nipples. I'm anxious to avoid this happening this time...

expatinscotland Sat 03-Jun-06 21:03:44

i don't see how you could. i hand expressed, but that's so different to baby suckling.

i think the best would be to hook up w/la leche or NCT so you can hopefully avoid the poor latch that can cause nipple soreness.

dd2 chewed three blisters on my left nipple the day she was born.

i had to work one on one w/an NCT counsellor for 3 days running to sort it out. as she said, it only takes a couple of bad feeds for that to happen.

DumbledoresGirl Sat 03-Jun-06 21:04:43

I can't believe it really makes any difference, TBH, although someone will probably say differently. What sort of thing would you do to prepare them? If it helps, I have breast fed all four of my children and only had problems (with cracked nipples and thrush) with number three and that was short lived. You might surprise yourself second time around.

suzi2 Sat 03-Jun-06 21:05:19

No need to prepare your nipples. The best preparation you can do is be sure to get loads of info on correct latching & positioning so to avoid cracked and bleeding nipples. Perhaps there is a local breastfeeding support group you can go along to before your baby is born and ask there? Alternatively, the NCT or LLL should be able to help.

I personally think that some discomfort is inevitable in the first few days but that shouldn't extend to cracking or bleeding and should improve quickly.

LucyJones Sat 03-Jun-06 21:07:05

The most annoying thing last time was that the midwives and health visitor said his latch was prefect. The only thing I could think of to prepare is maybe to put moisturiser on like kamillosan for a few weeks before? One of the midwives said after ds was born to put kamillosan on like lip balm (ie as frequently as that) as the reasons I was having problems was that they were drying out?

LucyJones Sat 03-Jun-06 21:08:39

I went to a loca b/feeding group last time and it was crap. She said she couldn't help me as ds was asleep and she'd need to see him feed. But I was so out of it that I couldn't bear to wake him and feed in front of her would have been like torture

mears Sat 03-Jun-06 21:08:55

Definitely no need to prepare. In old days women used to prepare with creams - it didn't help at all. Really and truly correct latching is the key. Lansinoh cream is good for treatment of sore nipples if you find that happens again. Kamillosan is yeuch...

LucyJones Sat 03-Jun-06 21:10:04

thanks Mears. I used Lanisoh too but the crack just didn't heal. Infact it's still there 2 years on so I'm worried it'll just be the same story all over again

suzi2 Sat 03-Jun-06 21:10:37

Lansinoh is fab - I had one bleeding nipple as I had a milk blister that had been catching. And using lansinoh healed it in no time and made feeding on that side bearable.

expatinscotland Sat 03-Jun-06 21:15:13

mine cracked, too, but once the counsellor helped me get the correct latch it honestly didn't hurt. and she'd chewed it so badly a canadian midwife who was on the ward even remarked, 'that looks sore!'

yeah, yeah it was.

LucyJones Sat 03-Jun-06 21:21:48

is it possible to get a counsellor to the house?

bramblina Sat 03-Jun-06 21:52:29

Lucy, (great name btw it's mine too) my nipples were quite sensitive pre-pregnancy and after the first couple of days of bf the pain really set in. Ds's latch was fine though so I think it was just down to me & my nipples! I put Lansinoh on after every feed whether I thought I needed it or not, and they never dried or cracked, they were simply sore from the unusual use they were getting. I really think that prevented a lot of common problems. I definitely saw the point where a lot of people would give up but was so adamant that I wouldn't, I saw it through and am still at it at 10 months. My nipples now withstand anything IYSWIM!
A few people said to me during my pregnancy give them a good rub with a towel after every shower to prepare them, or get hour DH on them! But I didn't. I let nature take it's course!
Good luck, it really is worth the pain. HTH

MitchMatch Sun 04-Jun-06 16:02:37

I started moisturising mine after my morning shower at about 6 weeks before due date and I didn't suffer one little bit with bf. Still not sure if it was the moisturising, good feeding position or just good old tuff nipples. I'll def do it again for next baby just in case it was the moisturising as I wouldn't want to risk it. My view is that it can't hurt and will only take a couple of mins each morning.

kayzed Sun 04-Jun-06 22:20:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kayzed Sun 04-Jun-06 22:22:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LucyJones Mon 05-Jun-06 11:58:59

Thanls for all the messages. I thnk I will get some Lanisoh and try that after every feed and keep my fingers crossed that the same thing doesn't happen again. I'm actually more scared of b/feeding than giving birth

Lio Mon 05-Jun-06 12:04:09

Just so you know you are not alone, second baby due beginning of Aug and have already been to GP to request antibiotics (I had repeated mastitis last time. Sadly GP says I have to wait until I'm ill before he can prescribe) AND am seeing b/f counsellor before the birth to feel more prepared. I have everything crossed that the birth itself will be easier on me and this baby, and that this will help. Fingers crossed for you too.

nowanearlyNicemum Mon 05-Jun-06 12:14:03

similarly to Mitchmatch, I started moisturising (with neutrogena extra hand cream) my nipples every morning after my shower about a month before my due date and I didn't suffer one little bit with bf. Probably had little to do with the moisturising - do believe that 'natural is best' - but I had no problems whatsoever. On the odd day when my nipples felt tender while breast-feeding I used breastmilk on them at the end of a feed and all was fine.
fingers crossed that you'll have better luck, and better support, this time round.

BudaBabe Mon 05-Jun-06 12:31:52

An Australian woman I met who had her children about 20 years ago said that they were recommended to prepare before hand. She recommended sunshine - sit topless in the sun (inside or out!). Also recommended light brushing with a soft child's toothbrush! Can't say I ever tried it and DS went hysterical when I tried to breast feed so we went the bottle route.

RedZuleika Mon 05-Jun-06 13:54:23

This may not be specifically your problem, but I wish I'd done something about the flatness of my nipples before I gave birth. Hadn't realised they were flat, to be honest, but ended up having to feed through nipple shields for the first three months or so. Avent make the 'Nipplette' which apparently brings them out. People I know who have tried it say it hurts - but then so does having a baby suck them out for you...

MitchMatch Tue 06-Jun-06 15:48:38

I'm an Australian and whilst we do breed em tough down under, can't say that I've ever heard of sitting in the sun and then using a tooth brush on nipples. Did she also mention riding kangaroos to school at the same time

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