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Self weaning breastfeeding baby

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nattylou Fri 02-Jun-06 15:07:09

Just wondering if it is possible for a bf baby to self-wean? Ds is 13 weeks old and up until yesterday was feeding like a dream. However, yesterday he started feeding for about 10 mins on the left, about 30 seconds at a time, then pulling his head away fom the breast. I have tried all different positions, but he just won't feed for long on that side. But if I put him on the right, he will feed quite contentedly for 30 mins +. It's getting me down, as I love bfeeding, especially as I couldn't get away with it with dd. Mind you, today, he only had a 15 mins feed in total at 1.30 and would now be gettng hungry again, but he is quite happy. He always has his fists in his mouth. Could he be teething and therefore not hungry?

Please help x

PsychoFlame Fri 02-Jun-06 15:10:06

Snap. 14 weeks and has been bobbing for about a week. I think the words "its a phase" have been said to me a few times

I think its just to do with the whole getting more interested in surroundings thing, and assuming that he'll settle soon.


CorrieDale Fri 02-Jun-06 18:18:08

The fists thing is a developmental phase they go through - they're practising for when they start mouthing objects. Apparently.

oops Fri 02-Jun-06 18:22:24

Message withdrawn

magnolia1 Fri 02-Jun-06 18:24:48

I would say it sounds more like a phase rather than self weaning to be honest. Is he happy and content most of the time?

Might be worth getting him checked just in case it is an ear infection but it probably is a mixture of teething and a new fascination with his surroundings

nattylou Fri 02-Jun-06 18:27:56

yes, he is happy and content, in fact he never stops smiling.

mears Fri 02-Jun-06 18:28:31

13 week old baby will not self wean. If it continues do get ears checked out as pain could be distracting for him. Try and stay relaxed - it will pass.

Adorabelle Fri 02-Jun-06 19:08:31

At 12 wks my dd point blank refused to feed from
the right side. V. fortunate to have a weekly Bfeeding group in my town. Saw one of the bfeeding peers & she ended up crying as we tried
for 35mins to get dd to feed off right side, she
just Would Not do it & got so very distressed. She advised me to keep putting her on the right side, but if no feeding was happening there to
express once/twice a day so it didin't dry up.

She did take the right side after 2 wks & is now 2 yrs old & we are still happily feeding everyday, both left & right side

azroc Fri 02-Jun-06 19:30:08

My dd2 went off right breast completely for a couple of days, then returned - to my massive relief as I was greatly engorged...

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