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Bf a tongue tied 5do - may I have a weep please?

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bigkidsdidit Fri 28-Jun-13 17:32:31


I have a lovely 5do boy. Who has a severe tongue tie and jaundice and so we are having some problems. He was 9lb10 at birth so big too.

At the moment I dread him waking sad he doesn't feed long because the jaundice means he sleeps permanently and only feeds 5 mins before falling alseep. This doesn't seem to be a prob for him, as of this morning he'd only lost 2% weight ( like last time I appear to have gallons of milk).

But it is soooo painful sad I am bleeding, bad cracks, I cry every feed. He just can't latch. Tt being snipped next Friday so I am persevering till then. But it's so awful.

I just wanted a moan sad but I would like to check that the blood in the milk won't do him any harm?

bigkidsdidit Mon 08-Jul-13 18:44:56

Actually I take the 'exclusively' but back - just had one last try with a shield and DS finally got it! It was easy!

Will probably now split expressing and shields smile smile

pookamoo Mon 08-Jul-13 22:04:03

So glad you have found a solution that suits you, and you sound really happy about it.

The shields can help babies to open their mouths wider, improving their latch, as the shield is bigger than the normal nipple. Glad it seems to be working, you have been through a lot this last week!

NothingsLeft Mon 08-Jul-13 22:15:07

Great - you have options! Agree you have been through a lot. It reminds me how tough those first few weeks of BFing are. I wish more midwives snipped TT, it would make things so much easier. You have done so well, mastitis is truly awful and inevitable for lots of women it seems.

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