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WHAT have i done to my poor left nipple?

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Enid Fri 02-Jun-06 11:21:05


it feels bruised

(dd3 is 5 wweks, bfeeding painlesss so far)

gomez Fri 02-Jun-06 11:21:51

Expressing too much/long/hard?

Enid Fri 02-Jun-06 11:23:04

no expressing yet

hold on i did hand express in bath yesterday

didnt hurt tho

gomez Fri 02-Jun-06 11:25:48

Might be then - I have done that in the past with both hand and pump didn't hurt at the time just felt a bit tender/bruised next day or so.

Enid Fri 02-Jun-06 17:04:29

its a bruise

ahs gone a bit purple

less painful now though

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