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Quality of breastmilk

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PigeonPie Thu 01-Jun-06 08:52:44

Can you tell me if the quality of your milk can be reduced if you are ill, and if that would have a knock-on effect on baby? I've had a virusy thing since Sunday with a temperature and sore throat etc which has left me pretty tired. I've tried to eat normally, but I know I haven't had as much as usual, and I've tried to rest when DS rests. DS is 6.5 months and is waking 2 or 3 times a night which is getting very waring. He is just starting solids (BLW). So, is it the quality (or lack of it) of my milk that's making him wake or is it 'just because'. All advice gratefully received. Thanks.

SenoraPostrophe Thu 01-Jun-06 08:59:23

I've never noticed a change in quality of milk caused by anything, although stress seems to reduce the amount (but that could just be because my babies didn't drink so well when they could sense I was stressed iyswim).

I would imagine that it's the new diet - the solids - that's making him wake more. It should settle down soon. what are you feeding him?

PigeonPie Thu 01-Jun-06 09:02:59

Started about 4 weeks ago, just with sticks of carrot, parsnip, potato - different veggies really (oh and some pear for pud in the last couple of days). Still just on one 'meal' a day at lunchtime while I have my lunch - should I up it to tea as well? I could cope when he was waking once in the night around 5ish, but this additional 12.30/1ish and then 3/4ish is getting to me!

hotmama Thu 01-Jun-06 09:04:16

A couple of weeks ago, I had awful lurgy - dp and dd1 also had it. The only one who survived unscathed was bf dd2. Although, I felt like sh*t and was not eating or drinking very well - dd2 seemed fine - so my milk seems to have been O.K. HTH

Hope you get better soon.

mustrunmore Thu 01-Jun-06 09:09:58

I've just had the worst sickness ever. Bf ds2 has had it too, but I dont think it had anything to do with the milk...even though I didnt eat for 3 days, he fed fine. fingers crossed!

SenoraPostrophe Thu 01-Jun-06 09:14:37

does the extra night waking coincide with the solids, or with any particular food? Both mine had terrible wind with pear btw.

If not, may be time to give more filling meals - some extra protein in paticular, and yes, maybe 2 meals a day. At this age I used to give combinations of carrot/potato etc with a little oil and either a small amount of chicken or some boiled lentils.

PigeonPie Thu 01-Jun-06 09:29:54

Thanks for the suggestions. Don't think it's the pear as it's been happening more often than him having pear. Looks like I'm just going to have to accept he's going to wake a bit more in the night till he's properly weaned. Oh well!

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