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What would you do...?

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BoraBora Thu 20-Jun-13 17:35:50

I've got two meetings at work next Friday. 7.5 month old DD won't take a bottle.

I can either bring her with me to feed (and DH look after her). This is not ideal as ill be stressed dragging her into central London during rush hour, and ill be worrying about whether she's okay during the meeting, or whether I'm going to have to stop to feed (which is time consuming, too).

Or, I leave her at home with lots of EBM to have from a cup (lots as she sloshes water from a cup everywhere), food (she eats a bit, not loads) and instructions to get water down her if she's not having milk. If I leave her at home it adds at least two hours to the time away from her, meaning it could potentially be 6 or maybe 7 hours.

What would you do??

Nicknamefail Thu 20-Jun-13 18:20:05

I would take her with me. Agree it is stressful but at least I would be stressed and on hand. If dd was at home I would be worried she would be hungry and refusing cup milk.

McBaby Thu 20-Jun-13 19:43:20

Take her in to town it's mush easier than you think. I have taken my little one who is now ten months in to town almost every day for last three months. If you have a sling use it much easier in rush hour! Most people have been accommodating and given me a seat.

Just leave plenty of time and feed before meeting so your not worried about her.

matilda101 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:23:39

I'd leave her, at 7.5 months she should be able to drink enough from a cup to keep her going. I'm harsh tho as I left my 3 month old for 9 hours once and she didn't have anything to drink all day due to her stubbornness to suddenly decide to refuse the bottle. She jut had a massive breastfeed when I got back! I'd just make sure she has a decent feed before you go.

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