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Advice on bottle feeding

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DawnMarie79 Tue 18-Jun-13 20:19:26

I have nursed my baby for 2 weeks i tried switching to combination feeding but it has proved troublesome so I have decided to switch to exclusive formula feeding.
(There are a number of reasons for this switch that I have thought long and hard about, please do not not use this as an opportunity to extoll the virtues of breastfeeding, I am aware of them all, and this decision is the best for me and my baby)
My daughter has taken to the bottle very well and she has her feeds without any issue, but when she has finished she gets very grisly and will cry a lot until she falls asleep. I tried upping her feeds to 120ml but was concerned that I was over feeding her. I was wondering if anyone else had experience of this and has any advice? I think she may be missing the suckling aspect of breastfeeding for comfort but I am very reluctant to give her a pacifier as I don't not want her to become dependant on it. Any help would be appreciated.

Amazinggg Tue 18-Jun-13 20:29:38

Are you winding her after each feed? It's probably wind. Much worse and more common with bottles. Also try Infacol and we used Dr Brown's bottles which have a fancy contraption inside that helps airflow so less windy.

120ml sounds far too much at that age, I ff from birth and pretty much followed the chart on the side of the Aptamil box on how much to feed, well by demand really but it seemed to follow that, only more of them - so at some point it says you should e down to 3/4 bottles a day and we were still on 6/7 iirc grin

Good luck. You'll crack it.

babyhmummy01 Tue 18-Jun-13 20:51:28

I agree with amazinggg it could be that she is taking down more air on the bottle than on the breast. My friend had similar when she went from BF to EBF.

The other thing it might be is the close contact with you ie skin to skin, could you try comforting her by letting her suckle on your finger maybe?

pinkapples Wed 19-Jun-13 15:43:59

I've not gone to ff but am expressing for bottles for my 6 day old since problems with nipples etc

I second what's been said about skin to skin my baby has taken well to the bottle after 5 days bf and really thrives on the skin to skin try taking your top of whilst feeding (if you haven't already) it may help grin

TakingTheStairs Wed 19-Jun-13 15:48:35

I do not have any children yet (but am expecting) but when I was an au-pair, I used to stop half way through the feed, wind the baby until they burped, then finish the feed and wind again. If I didn't do this, the poor mite would get very grizzly and uncomfortable after her bottle.
That might help?
This was for a 10 week old baby

Best of luck

delasi Fri 21-Jun-13 23:24:29

No offense intended to others re: amount of formula your baby should be having, but follow your baby on this point rather than other people. Our DS has always had 'too much' formula in the eyes of some people. He is a healthy weight - around 75th percentile, has followed the chart pretty much consistently since birth. He isn't fat, doesn't bring up feeds, and is very happy. He is very active and always has been so I get the impression that this might add to his hunger. Since 5mo he's been having 4x 8-10oz daily.

We had a very similar situation at 2wo (1wk attempting bf, 1wk attempting combi, then went full ff, for various reasons also). In the beginning he quickly went from 1-2oz per feed to 4oz (around the 3wk mark). At 1mo he moved onto the larger bottles in order to have 4-5oz per feed. He would also get grizzly after feeds in that first month and that was largely down to trapped wind. We used Infacol and Dentinox (not at the same time, tried one after the other). They worked, but worsened his reflux so we had to stop them. We did bicycles with his legs and tummy massage which helped a lot with trapped wind. Also bringing his legs up gently towards his chest. Once he was 1mo we used gripe water by putting it into his bottle. By far, the very best solution for us. Weaned him off at 5mo as it was no longer necessary.

However he would make it known if it was hunger - harder to pacify, trapped wind exercises not so successful. In which case we offered him an oz or two more. When he consistently wanted more we upped feeds. We followed a 'demand' approach despite being ff - maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see why it should be majorly different from demand feeding whilst bf. As I said, has worked very well for us smile

Finally when he was tired (and this is still the case) sometimes he just cries to sleep, no matter what we do. So it could just be your DD's way of settling for now.

Best of luck to you and your baby!

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