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Can you take folic acid when you're breastfeeding?

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beartime Mon 29-May-06 14:15:58

Last time I asked ther pharmacist she was dodgy about it. But I'm ttc, so probably should take it?

scienceteacher Mon 29-May-06 14:16:31


nutcracker Mon 29-May-06 14:26:41

Well my Ds had to have folic acid every day for about 3 mths from when he was born so I would have thought it is fine.

lahdeedah Mon 29-May-06 14:30:23

yes I think so - well there is folic acid in that Pregnacare supplement and the marketing blurb says it can be taken while breastfeeding (not that i bothered)

You should definitely take it if TTC

beartime Mon 29-May-06 15:05:49


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