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Breastfeeding when you're not feeling well

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Racers Sun 28-May-06 15:42:10

I'm BFing my nearly one year old and as in the last 2 months I've had bronchitis twice, cystitis twice, two colds and now this sickness bug, I feel absolutely shattered. I'm due back at work tomorrow as well, to make things worse!
What I wonder is, how much of the tiredness I'm feeling is to do with the fact that my body is putting energy into making milk? I haven't eaten since Friday night (except the odd piece of bread) so I had thought I'd try not to feed DD today but I couldn't resist when I could see that breakfast wasn't on the menu until she'd had her breastfeed!
I don't want to give up bf just yet and especially now, as DD is settling into nursery, but I feel like I did in the early days - like I just can't keep it up for much longer.
Thanks for reading. Feeling sorry for myself, I'm afraid - though I know things could be much worse!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 28-May-06 15:52:15

blimey, no wonder you're shattered!

I often get tired with sickness bugs, not sure how much extra tiredness bfing would be adding, but if you stop feeding your dd while you're ill, you may find you don't have enough milk to start again.

I suggest you put your feet up, call in sick tomorrow (there is no way you'll have recovered in time if you're still not eating now) and feed dd but less than ussual. can you keep anything except bread down yet?

Racers Sun 28-May-06 16:04:38

I would feel awful calling in sick - first day back after a year's maternity leave! I may try to go in as I need to drop off DD at nursery anyway (though DH could walk her in at a push - it's not too far). I'm not going to stop bfing her, just cut down a bit. Haven't fed her since first thing and have been in bed since 10ish. Still feel bloomin dreadful though. I haven't tried anything else - daren't - but will have some more bread soon.
To add insult to injury, DH brought nice pastries home from the continental market in town yesterday and I can't bear the sight of them, let alone eat any!

spidermama Sun 28-May-06 16:36:38

I was off work twice in my first 6 weeks back. I hated it. So embarrassing. I wondered if they would think me a lightweight but I had absolutely no choice as I had high temperatures and was coughing and retching non stop.

I'm still feeding my 16 month old. I think it does take it out of you to be absolutely honest. Are you still feeding at night? Things got better for me when I stopped doing that.

Racers Sun 28-May-06 17:40:04

(an aside - DH wasn't being mean, buying those cakes - I hadn't been sick when he'd left the house and he thought it would be a nice treat!)

Not feeding DD at night, thank goodness! Not on a regular basis, anyway.

I've worked in this job about 7-8yrs, they know I will stay off if I'm unwell but don't take sickies or whatever (well, I hope they know that), but I would feel, like you say, a lightweight! I've popped in loads of times over the past year, so they know I'm coping etc. but I still would worry what people think.

suzi2 Sun 28-May-06 19:16:36

I've been increasingly run down since having DS and have wondered if it#s the pressure of making milk. Although I supsect it's the tiredness. I've had a bout of shingles about 3 months ago that still flares up all the time.

I think you can blame being a mum more than you came blame breastfeeding

mears Sun 28-May-06 19:40:09

I think tiredness is more to do with the fact you are unwell and not eating properly. I really think that your body produces milk without much effoert to be honest.

If you have had a sickness bug you should stay away from work so that you don't pass it on to anyone else. You need to be eating properly before you go back to work. Carry on breastfeeding - that will make no diffrence to how you feel IMO.

Racers Sun 28-May-06 21:01:55

Thanks, you're right, I needed to eat something and feel better now. I had a nice bath and DH has done a lot today to help. I haven't actually been sick since this morning, so if the night goes well, I plan to go in. I'm sure I'll be bfing for a while yet - thanks for the words of support

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