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Books about babies for older sibling that include breastfeeding

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DIYandEatCake Sun 09-Jun-13 22:41:31

Dd will be 2.9 when her baby brother/sister arrives in December and as she loves reading I was thinking of getting her a book about becoming a big sister, as she knows there's a baby growing in my tummy (she was at the scan).

But - the ones I've seen in bookshops all seem to feature bottle feeding, and I intend to breastfeed the new baby as I have (and still do, though just a couple of times a day) dd. I think one of the things she'll find difficult to come to terms with is seeing the baby attached to me feeding for long periods of time, she is very cuddly and always loved her milk.

Anyone got a good book for children about babies that includes breastfeeding?

leedy Sun 09-Jun-13 22:48:37

Topsy & Tim and the New Baby shows their friend's mum breastfeeding his new baby brother, there's also breastfeeding shown in the New Baby board books by Rachel Fuller (Waiting For Baby, My New Baby, etc.). I particularly liked My New Baby as it gave a very realistic picture of what the new little sibling was going to be like (feeds and sleeps a lot, cries) while still being very happy and cute.

DIYandEatCake Mon 10-Jun-13 23:14:01

Thank you! I'll have a look online for those. We borrowed an usborne 'first experiences' one from the library earlier that has one pic of breast feeding too, dd has asked for it to be read about 10 times already so def going to buy her some.

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