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stupid question

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alexw Sun 28-May-06 13:02:02

Ok so this is going to sound really stupid... Dd has been happily drinking milk from cup (tt) since we got rid of bottles at 7 months. She will drink anything from them. However, I am keen that she starts to get used to an open cup. So far, as long as there's only a drop i it it's fine, but more than that then it goes everywhere. Any tips, please???

Thomcat Sun 28-May-06 13:05:36

How old is she?

Most young kids I know only have a drop in a open cup until they ar much older as it always dribbles out down their fronts as they try and drink otherwise.

alexw Sun 28-May-06 13:06:45

Sorry, meant to say she's 16 months

nothercules Sun 28-May-06 13:07:15

get a doidy cup.

Hayls Sun 28-May-06 13:08:35

Hav eyou tried one of the special angled cups (i'm so ashamed that I can't remember what they're called). They make it quite easy to drink from. I am about to go into kitchen anayway so will find out what dd's cup says on it!

Thomcat Sun 28-May-06 13:10:03

I think it's fine that you only give her a drop in the bottom of the cup at 16months. Sorry, not much help but really don't think you should worry about it., she'll get more compentent as time goes on and you can then let her have more and more.

Hayls Sun 28-May-06 13:10:11

yes. it's a doidy cup!! I ran all the way downstairs and nothercules beat me to it

Thomcat Sun 28-May-06 13:10:42

You can get those angled cups from JoJo Bebe or Lettrebox or Urchin I think.

alexw Sun 28-May-06 13:11:30

Got a doidy cup somewhere - had forgotten about it. Thanks. I guess I just have to accept spillages whilst she adjusts?? Thanks everyone.

Hayls Sun 28-May-06 13:11:37

doidy cup

charliemouse2 Sun 28-May-06 14:12:38

We've been using a doidycup since about 6 months. DS is now 9 months and has pretty much mastered drinking with only a few dribbles occasionally.

It's worth keeping at it!

bramblina Sun 28-May-06 14:44:56

I was told on MN if you order 2 doidy cups from nct you get them cheaper.

suzi2 Sun 28-May-06 17:40:22

DS is 9 months and uses a doidy cup and a tt cup without the lid. He has used them since 6 months. He's great at picking them up and drinking out of them but once he is finished he just drops the cup or slams it down and the rest of the water goes everywhere. So I always support it at the bottom.

NCT 2 doidy cups are about £6 inc delivery if my memory serves me right

alexw Mon 29-May-06 12:40:16

Thanks everyone. Will keep at it with doidy cup.

alexw Tue 06-Jun-06 13:37:57

ok after a weekend of perseverence she has got it!! Thanks all for suggesting doidy cup. No more lids...

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