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BREASTFEEDING: Can I stop feeding from one side or will I get mastitis?!

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morningpaper Sat 27-May-06 14:10:43

After my major nipple-biting incident six days ago things are going downhill.

This morning the hole in my nipple was quite large and it is still bleeding. I don't think it is infected but every time I feed from it, it opens up more. The bite in on the end of the nipple so there is no way I can change positioning to avoid it. I want to stop completely on that side but I'm worried that I will get mastitis (having had it before).

Any advice? Anyone tried this? Any tips from recovering from bites?

FrannyandZooey Sat 27-May-06 14:37:41

oh mp

I am so sorry about your poor poor nipple

I don't know if this link might help

As for the mastitis, I woulnk if you just stop, without expressing or tailing off, you are quite likely to have problems

Sorry I don't have any more answers. Have you rung LLL? They really are wonderfully knowledgeable and kind.

FrannyandZooey Sat 27-May-06 14:38:13

Sorry, lost some text there

should say "I would think if you just stop"

harpsichordcarrier Sat 27-May-06 14:39:06

yes, you can feed from one side. I did for ages and so did two of my friends.
I would express a little from the other side for a while and let it heal over and then eother carry on feeding from the one side or build up supply again.
<<<wince.>>> btw

morningpaper Sat 27-May-06 14:51:33

Thanks for the link Franny - I will use some of those ideas.

I am going to try to stop from the bad side and see where it gets me.

I have some antibiotics from the GP - she said use IF it becomes obviously infected - but obviously I want to try to avoid these if possible becaused I'm terrified of thrush which will mean MORE drugs. At the mo I don't think it is infected, just not healing.

morningpaper Sat 27-May-06 14:52:04

thanks hcc too Glad to know that it can be done!

amazinggrace2001 Sat 27-May-06 15:03:50

hi there,
sorry to hear about your sore nipple.Would reiterate that you get in touch with La leche League breastfeeding helpline 0845 120 2918 as they have specialist knowledge.Yes you will need to express on the affected side, if feeding is too painful to stop the risk of getting engorged, which might lead ontoplugged ducts or mastitis.Hope the antibiotics help if you need to take them,

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