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Starting to express

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purplewoofer Thu 06-Jun-13 12:38:21

Hi. I have a five week old baby, currently ebf. Would like to start expressing for maybe one bottle a day so I can get some more sleep!

What is the best way to do this, when should I express and for how long? How much would I need for a feed? He is quite a big baby. Was 10.5lb at four weeks

Thanks for your help

mrsmartin1984 Thu 06-Jun-13 12:49:47

Best to do first thing in morning (milk at it's best). Best way to get the most milk in to tandem feed. So feed your child on one side and pump the other. Although it takes a bit of practice and I do it while rugby ball hold so LO doesn't kick the pump. Get loads more as it stimulates your milk by feeding. Do it for as long as it feels comfortable and just collect what you can. there is no rush.

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 07-Jun-13 15:39:05

How are you planning to express? Hand? Hand pump? Or electric pump?

I also agree - I usually express in the morning, usually around 6.30 since its when DH goes to work, between feeds, DD is usually asleep. I usually get 2-4oz expressing with an electric pump, it was often less hand pumping. Sometimes I get chance to express mid afternoon if she's snoozing but don't get quite as much. It's best to wait at least an hour after feeding.

DD will take about 3 1/2oz from a bottle (she tends to refuse any more). She's 8lb 6oz ish and nearly 8 weeks.

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 07-Jun-13 15:40:02

Oh an hour after feeding if you're not doing it in tandem.

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