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Breastfeeding - when to start worrying?

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anchovies Thu 25-May-06 15:28:44

Yes another thread about those stupid charts!!!

Ds was 10lbs 5 at birth and stayed on he 98th centile up until 6 weeks. Since then he has dropped a centile every time he has been weighed until now at 12 weeks he is 15lbs 2 and on the 75th centile. No one seems worried except me!

He sleeps through the night (7-7) and has done since about 6 weeks (coincidence?) and prob only has 4-5 feeds a day. Otherwise fine, loads of wet/dirty nappies, very settled etc.

Basically was just wondering at what point should I worry?

compo Thu 25-May-06 15:34:29

I wouldn't worry at all. he sounds a very healthy baby and the fact that he is sleeping through usually means that he is getting what he needs

tiktok Thu 25-May-06 15:37:28

There's a well-known phenomenon called 'catch down growth' and it is very common in big bouncing bruisers like your ds....basically, nature works it so these big babies tend not to stay big, but gradually work their way to the weight they are really meant to be. As long as this is done by your baby simply gaining slightly less weight than he would to stay on the 98th centile, there's no problem....and I would guess this is why no one has mentioned any worries to you.

He's feeding less than most babies and has gone through the night earlier than most, but you prob have a generous milk supply, he's always been big enough to take a lot of milk at any single feed, and he's a happy, healthy boy from the sound of it!

Talk about it at the clinic and I hope they'll be able to explain more.

Marina Thu 25-May-06 15:38:46

Please don't worry...ds entered the world on the 95th centile for height and something like 80th for weight, and trundled slowly down the scale to 50th for both by six months. He was clearly well and happy and I had a good HV and GP who were fine about it.
Apparently it is not that uncommon for BIG babies to gain weight much more slowly in their first few months of life, as they are adjusting to their likely "real" size outside the womb. Ds is slight and short now, as I was as a child.

Marina Thu 25-May-06 15:39:18

Tiktok explains it properly as per usual, this phenomenon even has a name

coppertop Thu 25-May-06 15:54:42

Yes, ds1 did this too. He was on 9oth+ centiles for weight and length at birth. He dropped slowly down the centiles and is now still tall for his age but very average weight (probably around the 50th centile).

suzi2 Thu 25-May-06 20:12:00

My DS did this, 75th at birth and then dropped down to just below 25th and climbed back to just above 25th where he has been for months. He's still on the decline in length though, started at 98th centile, not sure how much lower he can go now at 9.5 months, (not even sure he's on the chart anymore!). That worries me but my HV said, HVs are obsessed with charts and she would soon enough tell me when to worry!

sottovoce Thu 25-May-06 20:27:04

Wish I had had access to mumsnet a year ago...

DD was 9lb 13oz when born at 41 weeks. Very long too- 60 cms. I had her weighed whenever she had jabs and she always cruised down the centiles. I got more and more panicked, until my sister suggested that she might be trying to normalise a bit as neither DH nor I is especially large.

When the HV suggested a formula top up, I knew it was time to change surgeries and find a new HV. The wonderful Marian at the new surgery explained that she was just trying to find her natural weight. I had of course gone bonkers earlier on as her Xs slid across the chart but managed to hold off on the formula. And now I have MN to keep me entertained/ informed as I BF (DD now 14 moths and huge again!!)

Since I found MN, I have had all my health paranoias sorted out... Tiktok, you have been a star! Thank you SO much. XX And thanks too to all the other lovely ladies who have piled in and helped out.

anchovies Fri 26-May-06 14:10:29

Have just realised I never thanked you all for your very helpful replies! It's hard cos ds1 was also big but stayed big, he only dropped down the charts when he started walking.

But thankyou, you have reassured me that all is ok with my little guy!

moondog Fri 26-May-06 14:14:13

He sounds as if he is doing wonderfully!!

CKMUM Fri 26-May-06 21:59:43

DD2 was on 50th centile at birth, dropped off to way below the lowest so went right odd cahrt. Lots of use;ess health visitors making a fuss, saying i wasn't making wnough milk when i knew i was or saying that it was because i was also feeding me eldest.

They said see GP, its worrying, GP wasn't concerned but as i was due to see paed for someyhing else, she said mention to her. Paediatrican said it was ok, although had gone back up to o.4 th centile by then, and she is now on 2nd centile.

Is there are a lot of possetting?

Anyway, everyone remarks and still do on how healthy and happy she is

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