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Painful letdown

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ab00 Tue 28-May-13 20:13:19

Ds2 is 9 & a half weeks old & ebf. Since his arrival I've always had a painful letdown during feeding (& in between feedings?!) that results in ds2 pulling off, sometimes coughing & spluttering, with milk spurting everywhere & both of us (& anything near by) getting a soaking.
Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this, does it get better & do the lo's get better at coping with it?

Awakeagain Tue 28-May-13 20:24:53

My let down was painful and also I have quite the milk flow once it gets going
I had to feed with a muslin tucked under my boob (sometimes one in my hand as well just in case) and ds had to have a bib on so at least if he got wet it was just a bib
During night feeds I quite often ended up with a muslin folded over many times down one side whilst I fed on the other
If only I could've mastered collecting all the milk my freezer supplies would be epic!

Awakeagain Tue 28-May-13 20:26:36

Oh and yes lo's get better at coping
Mine is 7 months and feeds extremely fast and 9/10 you wouldn't know how fast the milk comes! It is annoying when he just fancied a drink though and the full flow kept on coming

ab00 Tue 28-May-13 20:40:05

Hurrah! There is light at the end of the tunnel! I too am using muslin cloths strategically placed buf have still managed to get it all over ds2's face (even went up his nose once!), got dh on the other sofa & soaked the dashboard of the car. It is ridiculous!

noblegiraffe Tue 28-May-13 22:44:12

Block feeding is supposed to help with fast letdown

sleepyhead Tue 28-May-13 22:56:52

Yes - both.

There's some things positive to be said for it though:

- I've never had to worry about my supply (although once my mother observed me feeding and ds1 fussing, and said "I don't think he's getting anything out of there" - ds1 was being sprayed in the face at the time hmm)

- Once they get the hang of it I think feeds tend to be shorter and dcs get very efficient

- I'm v good at expressing (could be a coincidence, but I've always been able to get a full feed in under 5 minutes expressing)

As Awakeagain says, block feeding can help if it's getting out of control, but I found that it settled down with ds1 around the 12 week mark.

I realised last night that when it's quiet I can actually hear the milk spraying into ds2's mouth in the first couple of minutes of a feed. It was very disconcerting hmm.

sleepyhead Tue 28-May-13 22:57:38

Sorry, it was noblegiraffe who mentioned block feeding.

Awakeagain Wed 29-May-13 15:19:12

I can also express a full feed very quickly especially first thing
Many of my friends are envious of this
I envious of being the one with the leaky boobs for so much longer than anyone else but ds feeds so fast now it's great

ab00 Wed 29-May-13 23:26:19

Me too sleepyhead!
Thanks for the posts, reassuring to know it's not just me &there are some plus points to the pain & water pistol effect my boobs seem to have!

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