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argh why won't she eat??!!

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Chloe55 Sat 25-May-13 19:45:03

My 23 wk old dd has always been a bit of a snacker, I breastfed her approx every 2hrs from birth but a few weeks ago she started tugging and screaming at my breast seemingly with frustration. She would take a formula bottle well if I offered her at this time, happily guzzling 7/8oz. Gradually the breastfeeds have become less and less and this week have been nonexistent. Problem is she is now faffing with her bottles and she's def not getting enough. Today she had 4oz at 7am, 5oz at 12pm (after totally rejecting one at 11am), 5oz at 3.30pm and I have just tried her to take a bottle now, of which she has had 2oz sad , she is now in bed. I will dream feed her at 11pm when she usually has about 6oz. This is not enough is it, I mean why is she not hungry after 4hrs? She cries for it and gets excited to see it then loses interest. She was on the 50th centile but last time she was weighed (which was 2mths ago blush ) she had dipped under it. Please help, I don't know what to do.

Phineyj Sat 25-May-13 20:05:56

It doesn't sound that bad - DC appetites vary just like everyone's. My DD has very hungry weeks/days and not so hungry weeks/days. She tends to 'forget' to eat when exciting things are going on and then make up for it later. 50% is average. My DD is about the same age (and size) as yours and I recently changed from size 2 to size 3 teats (Avent bottles) which made a difference as she was getting frustrated trying to feed from size 2 and sucking them inside out.

Good luck, please try not to worry!

Chloe55 Sat 25-May-13 20:25:10

Thanks for your reply, we have changed to size 3 teats too. I suppose I'm used to what my ds used to eat any her age and I also lifted my friend's 5wk younger ebf baby amend she felt much heavier. I will be getting dd weighed on wed as I do fear she isn't gaining much at the mo. After researching it would seem she is taking more than some babies but still nowhere near the 'recommended' amount.

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