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Questions about bf through pregnancy

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hm32 Sat 25-May-13 13:48:38

Looking for advice/experiences. I struggle to eat enough to maintain my weight at the moment, and did not put much on last pregnancy either. I really, really want to continue to bf DC1 as the immune benefits are fantastic, but just wonder how it will work!

fhdl34 Sat 25-May-13 17:47:23

Well I'm 11 weeks pregnant with dc2 and maintained my weight through my last pregnancy (although was and still am very overweight). This one I've already gained half a stone and am hungry all the time. I wonder if it's the BFing but so far we're carrying on. Initially I was very pro about feeding DD all the way through but now we're taking each day and week as it comes. I've read adventures in tandem nursing, I highly recommend it, it's very balanced with stories from those who went on to tandem feed and those who it didn't work out for. Also has great info on nutrition during pregnancy if you're BFing as well

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