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chloeb2002 Fri 24-May-13 22:04:59

Ok.. I have been on motillium since ds was 2 weeks old for many reasons, poor supply and poor latch. He still hasn't got the greatest latch. I have managed to reduce to 30 mg a day but then my milk dropped off, I never have that full n the morning feeling had wit my other children when I had good supply. I am wondering if I will ever get off motillim? I'm perfectly aware that I don't need to "feel" full to have a good supply but maybe due to a less than effective latch ds just fusses at the boob if thee isn't plenty of juice there! His latch has been looked at many times, I will take him again to see the lactation consultant but will wait for 2 more weeks, mostly as I am helping a friend with child care who is sick at the moment and limited time and to many small people to drag along!

Trying2bMindful Fri 24-May-13 23:57:29

Who prescribed it, why & What do you want to know now?
I was prescribed domperidone for a while & successfully weaned off it after a few months & am still bf DS at 12mo.
As well as the drugs I did:
- breast compressions at every feed up until he was 8 wks
- pumped for 10-15 mins after at least 4 feeds every day from week 3-7
- had DS PTT snipped
- DS had cranial osteopathy
- I had reflexology
- got lots of sleep & support at home
- ate lots of oats & lactation cookies
- attended weekly bf support groups or met with a lactation consultant for 4 - 8 weeks
- took 9 tabs of fenugreek & 9 tabs of blessed thistle daily for a couple of months
- drank nursing tea all day for months (& avoided peppermint tea!)
- measured bf success by his weight gain rather than how full I felt or looked or how much I pumped (which was never great!).

Does my story help?! What else would help?
Have you checked the Dr Jack Newman site & his domperidone help sheets?

Check out:

Good luck. grin

chloeb2002 Sat 25-May-13 20:31:48

Yes that helps... Prescribed by the o and g team. My gp now re issues it. He has no idea however about how long etc to take it. I guess 10 weeks is still ok. Bub is now doing just fine weight gaining and happy. No tongue tie just a short square tongue.

Trying2bMindful Sat 25-May-13 21:08:43

Wow. Sounds like you are doing so well. Well done! You've done great to get the support you need. It was a nightmare on the NHS for us but we got there in the end!

Dr jack Newman has a paper on weaning off domperidone. I found it v helpful. I was so worried about my supply that I did not totally come off it until DS was 5 months old. I reduced the dosage by 1 tab every week. So once I had decided to reduce it took 8 weeks to take it to zero. Be warned though that I found myself a little emotional at the start of each reduction - not sure if that was coincidence or not!!

Good luck.

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