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Out of curiousity... How old was your LO when...

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MyLittleAprilSunshine Thu 23-May-13 22:18:35

I was just curious when your LOs reached each of these milestones. My DD is only 6 weeks, 5 days so hasn't reached a fair few of these but just genuinely curious.

When did your LO:

Have their first smile?
Sleep through the night?
Start teething?
Said their first word (and what was it)?
Lifted their head without support.

The first two DD has done already. DD had most of her head control from 1 day old, but only really need to support her head when sleepy now, but still do anyway just in case. She had her first genuine smile at about 4 and a half weeks old. She also follows us across the room and has done for over a week and a half.

Thanks guys smile

mumtolilh Thu 23-May-13 22:43:24

First proper proper smile was over 2 months
Slept through from 8 weeks most of the time 7-6
Started teething at 4 months with 1st teeth (bottom 2) at 6 months
First word ma mumma ma ma age 12 months
First proper word was 13 months when he would shout Matt (bf's name) & 'that' pointing at something
Head control was kinda from birth too but he was in a bumbo (full head control) for short periods at 3 months ;-) feels like a lifetime ago now!

Cloverer Thu 23-May-13 22:46:47

First smiled at 3-4 weeks
First slept through as a one off at about 3 months, then occasional one offs until a run of about a month at 17 months, then consistently at 2.5 years.
Teething - 4 months ish?
First word around a year - "Yeah!"
Not sure about lifting his head - he was in a sling a lot so was holding his head up from a few weeks in that. Definitely by 10 weeks.

Clearlymisunderstood Thu 23-May-13 22:49:03

First smile - 7 weeks
Slept through - 10 weeks
Teething - didn't really notice any signs until after her first tooth came at 7.5 months
First word - star (I was singing twinkle twinkle and she joined in) 9 months

melliebobs Fri 24-May-13 11:28:23

First smile about 6 weeks
Held head up without support I can't remember
First tooth around 6 months
Slept through at 8.5 months (was like someone flicked a switch cos dd got up 3 times a night without fail. Then outta no where. Nothing)
First word it depends what you class as a word. At 10 months shed say mamamama. Now she appears to have forgotten it. But now at 14 months her repertoire is very clearly daddeeeeeeeee, uh oh, and iya (no h cos we are northern wink)

MyLittleAprilSunshine Fri 24-May-13 11:49:28

Good. smile

mawbroon Fri 24-May-13 11:58:23


Can't remember
Can't remember
Can't remember
Can't remember


Can't remember
Can't remember
Duck, but can't remember age
Can't remember

<bad mother> <wonders if there's a link between sleep deprivation and memory loss>

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