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Dr brown bottles, would a larger teat size help?

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emeraldgirl1 Thu 23-May-13 21:07:38

I love our dr brown bottles, they were amazing when DD was a windy screaming guzzler at two weeks old.

But now she is 10w and we are having a hard time feeding her.

She pushes the bottle away with her tongue a lot (even at start of a feed when we know she is hungry) though this could be a teething thing? (She is teething a bit already)

It takes a very long time to get through a feed every time, over an hour if we get through a full amount. Most of the time she doesn't have a full feed as she goes to sleep or just stops.

I am getting worried that she is consistently having too little.

BUT today a friend who was giving her a bottle for me said she wondered if we needed to try a bigger teat size... Hadn't even occurred to me.

DD cries a lot during feeds even if she has no wind... Could she be getting frustrated?

Don't want her to be having too fast a flow and guzzling too fast again though...

Any advice?

Thank you!!

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Thu 23-May-13 22:46:34

Definitely time to try a new teat I'd don't have to stick with it.

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