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blocked duct? at 4months? or what??

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KMR281 Thu 23-May-13 18:06:46

so, after the usual few weeks of very sore boobs at the start, BF has been going pretty well (DS3 born Jan 10th, so about 4months old). yesterday my left boob was a bit sore, and today I noticed a redline on the top of the boob (like ray of sun IYSWIM) and then on the bottom of the aureole (? - dark part round nipple) there is a wee lump, sort of the size of a small pea perhaps, and it's a tender.
I am presuming that the lump is a blocked duct, and the red mark is similar?? Assuming I am right, am I right to try gently massaging the lump towards nipple, and to use hot/cold packs to relieve tenderness? I have also tried to alter DS3's feeding posititon from across body to the rugby hold. Any other ideas?? Also,does anyone know how quickly I should be able to shift the lump, and what to do if it doesn't?? Really thought we were past all this, and no idea what has caused it. Sigh. So tired! TIA. x

KMR281 Thu 23-May-13 19:07:33

ok, so now a bit worried, have just had a bath, and lump feels quite hard, and is right on the dark bit around nipple - I thought there weren't any ducts there?? I should be going to GP tomorrow then should I?? I did try and massage the bump, but not sure made any real difference.

MrsHoarder Thu 23-May-13 19:10:54

I got a couple of blocked ducts when teething started because his latch was poor when his front gums were tender. Hot shower and massage to see if that clears it (could never clear blocked ducts in the bath, presumed it was because its more uphill than in the shower).

McBaby Thu 23-May-13 20:45:14

If there is red lines this can be a sign of mastitis. If you feel flu like or temp goes up try to get antibiotics ASAP to minimise symptoms. I always got red lines then lump then temperature quickly after.

Have a look at the mastitis/blocked duct pages on kellymom and breast feeding network websites they are very helpful.

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