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Can milk supply be re-established?

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MrsMagicMike Wed 22-May-13 13:45:08

Having some major feeding issues with 10 day old DS2 and after having tried most of the tricks I know of, I am very reluctantly considering bottle feeding him for a while, the idea being that hopefully given some time and practice (for him) and taking away the current stress and frustration (for me) we will eventually go back to exclusive breast feeding in the next couple of weeks.

My main fear with this approach is that my milk supply will dwindle. I am planning to express but I'm not sure whether I need to maintain my supply at 'full' level or if I can somehow just express enough to keep a certain 'base level' going until such time that we (hopefully) go back to exclusive breast feeding. Can milk supply be re-established?

For background, I succesfully breastfed DS1 (exclusively until 6 months, night feeds until 12 months), my milk supply seems to be currently very good (much to my frustration as I'm having to express to avoid painful engorgement as DS2 just refuses to take much milk from me...) and the reason I need to urgently get DS2 to feed more is that he's lost too much of his birthweight.

cathan Wed 22-May-13 16:44:08

I think bottle feeding "for a while" is a bad idea. Not only do you risk your supply dwindling (expressing does not have the same effect on supply as feeding) but your DS will be learning the wrong feeding technique. Also, if you're having trouble getting him to feed now, he will probably fight against a return to breastfeeding as bottles are easier! It is worrying to have him drop from his birthweight but how much is "too much" and is he otherwise fit and well? When my DD lost weight in her first month, I was put under a lot of pressure to supplement with bottles. I stuck to my guns and eventually she got the hang of breastfeeding and gained weight. She never went back to her initial position on the birthweight chart though - in fact she went from 75 centile to 50 centile, but that was just her and she's stayed the lighter weight even now she's weaned - and is perfectly healthy. Why don't you see if there's a breastfeeding group near you (or maybe a telephone line) where you can get some support. And hang in there - as you'll remember from your first DS breastfeeding is hard work to begin with, but worth every minute. Hope this helps.

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