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Daily diet when breastfeeding?

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babybythesea Wed 22-May-13 13:36:45

DD2 is 5 weeks old and EBF on demand.
Until Monday she was a happy, placid little thing who slept anywhere between 2 and four hours at a stretch, fed well, and was contented when awake.

On Monday, someone switched her for a baby who sleeps well at night (which is good) but who screams almost constantly during the day. She wakes at about 8.00, feeds well, and then dozes again. She was sleeping for two hours or so, now she's sleeping for about 20 minutes before waking and crying. She chews her fist, I feed her, she comes off after a minute or so, lies quietly for ten minutes at most, and then cries again. She has always been a windy baby and I wonder if this is at the root of it? But I can't get her to bring up any more wind than I am. She is being a bit more sicky than normal though. She then basically repeats this the whole day - she won't be put down, she only sleeps for fifteen minutes or so before waking up, she feeds for varying amount sof time but sometimes only a minute or two before coming off, which suggests she isn't massively hungry. I've put her in a sling which helps a bit. It's the sudden change that is bothering me, from contented to distressed in a couple of days.

I don't know if she's sleeping more at night (last night she went from 11.30 until 5.00am) so she's more awake in the day but just bored because she can't yet do anything, or if the wind is worse and bothering her or what.

I took her to the GP this morning who confirmed that there isn't anything especially wrong - I have a cold and she is also a bit snuffly but she doesn't have a heavy cold (this may be contributing to the wond though). However, the GP did say she didn't think I was eating enough so maybe my milk was too 'thin' and so dd is hungry, so I wondered what you all eat/ate when breastfeeding.

Yesterday, I had a bowl of cereal and two slices of toast for breakfast, then a couple of sandwiches (one ham, one jam!), some crisps and salad for lunch, and a mild curry for dinner. I also picked at fruit (banana, grapes, blueberries and strawberries) through the day and I picked at some chocolate.

I'm going to a health visitor this afternoon but I'd be interested in what the rest of you ate.

(I've posted this in Chat as well, but want lots of opinions).

skaen Wed 22-May-13 13:42:16

Honestly? I think your Dr is talking bollocks. You only need around 500 calories extra a day to breastfeed and your menu sounds absolutely fine.

I think it is probably more likely to be a coldy baby who has a bit of a bunged nose and is also going through the 6 week growth spurt. If she is, she will be feeding absolutely manically for about 24-48 hours and wanting milk constantly, then it finishes. She's probably also taking less at night (lucky you!) and making it for it in the day.

Just carry on exactly as you are unless there are new symptoms or whatever to take her back to the dr. You do not need to top up with formula - really you don't.

ShowOfHands Wed 22-May-13 13:43:03

What you eat makes bog all difference to your milk unless you're seriously starving (think severe prolonged starvation and malnourishment). If you aren't eating properly, it'll make YOU ill. It will NOT make your milk thin or your baby hungry. If you have the energy or time, I'd ask the practice to make this GP update his knowledge.

A proper bfing group or consultant will help you with any bfing questions or your hv if s/he's a good egg.

It could be wind. It could simply be a growth spurt. Both of mine went from being content to barely sleeping, fractious, on and off the breast, cranky etc for the few days they were going through a spurt and then they'd go back to normal.

Eat when hungry, drink to prevent thirst and reassure yourself that you don't need to eat more than your hunger levels tell you to.

Is everything else okay? Weight gain? Nappies?

sleepyhead Wed 22-May-13 13:46:35

Noone's milk is "too thin".. Is you GP in her 70s?

ChutesTooNarrow Wed 22-May-13 13:51:43

Your gp said your milk was too thin confused I think your first course of action is to suggest he/she gets some breast feeding training.

Your dd sounds similar to mine, she is generally happy and placid but has screamy days and is quite windy. I have put it down to nothing other than the trials of being a baby.

Have you heard of the wonder weeks? They do a good smartphone app which charts developmental leaps when you can expect babies to be a bit grouchy and fussy. It's been spot on for my dd so far.

babybythesea Wed 22-May-13 14:10:55

Thank you people.

Although i am a bit disappointed - the GP recommended eating chocolate and I was more than happy to go with that advice however old and outdated it may be!!!

DD1 never did this which is why I was worried. I guess the GP has at least ruled out anything major (I have a cough and cold which I'be had for ages and which won't shift, I was worried DD had picked it up but apparently not other than being a bit snotty). So we'll grin and bear the screaming and hope she gets through this phase fast!

tiktok Wed 22-May-13 14:14:27

Hope your Hv hears how badly informed your doc is. Mother's diet does not effect the thin/thickness of milk or how well it satisfies a baby. There are lots of threads on this on mn and it is often something that worries people unnecessarily. Hope your Hv can come up with a set of suggestions that will help you.

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