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Slow flow/medium flow teats

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MyLittleAprilSunshine Mon 20-May-13 14:10:42


Was just wondering:

--how can you tell if a teat is slow or medium flow? Thought the one hole was slow flow but it comes guzzling out and LO coughs.

--Why do you have to wait til they are 3 months Olof to give the medium flow teats? Is it just a general rule and every baby is different?

--Has anyone else found Aptimil comfort combined with breast feeding causes harder poo and colic?

Any input would be great. Little lady is 6 weeks just wanted to know.

Thanks smile

ThedementedPenguin Mon 20-May-13 14:51:27

You go by the numbers. When I brought my ds home I moved him straight onto the number two teat. You don't need to go by ages on the teats, if you find your dd is falling asleep during bottles or refusing to drink it could mean she us not getting the milk quick enough.

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