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DS is 2 years old and still attached to the bottle

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Maia290 Sun 19-May-13 23:59:34

My son has just turned 2 and he is still attached to the bottle when going to sleep, he uses the bottle for comfort. He can drink milk, water or juice from the beaker/cup, and he does so during the day, but when he goes to sleep he wants the bottle in bed, he got him used to it. He gets really annoyed if we don't give the bottle to him (I tried giving him the beaker/cup), so I give up and give him a bottle, he also asks for milk if he wakes up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning.
I keep thinking we should stop giving him milk bottles in bed, first of all at his age he should drink from a beaker (and not in bed!), also he drinks so much, that often his nappy leaks and I need to wash his sleeping bag every morning. So, it is time to stop drinking milk in bed! blush, I was wondering if there is any 'technique' we could use, such as there is the 'control crying technique' for bed time routine. I don't feel like just stopping suddendly, as he would go mental. I think he is too young to understand if we try to explain to him that bottles are for little babies, and he is a big boy now (well, i tried that already, but i don't think he gets the message...). I feel embarassed about him drinking milk from a baby bottle. Any advice would be very helpful.

janey223 Mon 20-May-13 00:16:55

I've (mostly) stopped giving DS his in bed, he drinks it before he goes into bed watching iggle piggle.

He totally refuses milk out of anything other than a bottle unfortunately, I'm thinking of diluting his formula into a cup with some chocolate milk and reducing it so he'll come around to it but he's a stubborn boy! I even tried changing bottles twice so he wouldn't be attached but nope.

I don't think bottles look to babyish for a 2 year old, I've known older to still have them for bed. As long as its not those bloody ugly coloured Winnie the poo ones.

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