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Breast feeding & pregnant...

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littleraysofsunshine Sun 19-May-13 22:43:01

What are your tips? Especially if your dc is still feeding a few times a night, and in the day.. Super foods, nutritional tips to make sure you're offering the best and not getting burnt out!

Obviously rest is important! My dds are 2.6 and nearly 12months

HorryIsUpduffed Sun 19-May-13 22:53:51

Congratulations on your pgy, your bfing, and your determination to continue!

I am 16w pg, with a bf 2yo who feeds at least twice overnight (typically 2am and 6-7am). I also bf DC1 for a while during DC2 pgy until he weaned. It is very hard work.

Remember that your body prioritises them over you - you are lowest priority for nutrients. That's reassuring in many ways but does mean you have to look after yourself.

If you aren't already taking Vit D and calcium I would recommend doing so, as my mw has said it is very important for all pg women but particularly for those bf.

Then, assuming you aren't laid sideways with morning sickness, try to eat "properly", ie proper balanced meals on a plate, not just what the DC leave for you grin blush

I'm assuming you SAHM given the age of DC2. Try to protect your rest - take any help on offer, let the housework slide a little, etc, until your energy levels are higher in second trimester. Don't overdo it.

Good luck!

littleraysofsunshine Sun 19-May-13 23:02:10

Thank you, I'm a SAHM to the two of them as she isn't in nursery yet. We do playgroups 3-4 times a week all together so always busy!

Plus in the early stages of business start-up (from home)

I breastfed my dd1 until 13 months (was 3months pregnant) then she kind of self-weaned and went to cows milk. And I was also soooo exhausted in those early weeks.

Dd2 however doesn't seem interested at the minute. I'm not trying to stop feeding her. I want to carry on but don't want feel terrible again. ( I also dropped a lot in weight at the start of last preg)

Thanks for the advice!

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