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Has anyone started using a cover whilst breastfeeding an older baby (7 months+) what did the baby think?

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honeytea Sun 19-May-13 21:03:02

Ds is EBF at the moment, he is 5 months. I have never used a cover.

We will be visiting some members of the family who might not be very comfortable with me breastfeeding when they are in the room, ds feeds on demand so I thought rather than try to find a empty room or have them challenge me every time he wants to feed I could just use a cover.

My worry is I have never used a cover before, ds looks at me when he feeds and he likes to hold my hand, I am not sure if he will be happy under a cover. We play tents with blankets where me dp and ds put a blanket over our heads and read books and sing songs, I think ds might think that the cover is part of the tent game and not feed.

Has anyone had any experience of using a cover for a few days with an older baby? When he was a newborn I think he would have been fine with it he didn't pay much attention to me but I think he might be too old to introduce one now.

jkklpu Sun 19-May-13 21:41:29

I wouldn't bother. If you're comfortable with it, not really for them to complain. And you could go to another room if you wanted to. It's not as though there's much on show with an older baby who doesn't mess around with the latch.

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