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having to stop breastfeeding and feel guilty and sad

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dewmeadow Mon 22-May-06 21:40:49

because of upping my overactive thyroid medication. I feel really tearful and upset, and will really miss the intimacy, especially in bed - that's my favourite way to feed him.

Also, without breastfeeding, how do you comfort when all he wants is a wee comfort suck?

I know nothing to be done or said, just needed to express myself.

expatinscotland Mon 22-May-06 21:41:46

how old is your son, dm?

gothicmama Mon 22-May-06 21:43:28

you canhave lots of close cuddles, and curl up in bed with him I bottle feed ds in a similar position to if I was bf (long story why I can't) but you do find ways of maintaining the closeness

dewmeadow Mon 22-May-06 21:52:46

he's 12 weeks

tiktok Mon 22-May-06 22:56:50

Aw....are you absolutely sure you have to stop dm???? Most meds are ok with bf,, especially with a baby beyond newborn. Have you asked for a second opinion on this from someone who would understand about bf?

Yorkiegirl Mon 22-May-06 22:58:51

Message withdrawn

kama Mon 22-May-06 23:19:20

Message withdrawn

FillyjonktheSnibbet Mon 22-May-06 23:26:47

Oh for you. Bf is lovely. IME anyway. Do double check you can't feed him still.

Even if not, can you do other closeness things? Have you got a sling? They are lovely for closeness.

mears Mon 22-May-06 23:38:53

I am really surprised that you would have to stop breastfeeding. Worth checking out.

mears Mon 22-May-06 23:39:03

I am really surprised that you would have to stop breastfeeding. Worth checking out.

mears Mon 22-May-06 23:40:25

have a look here

dewmeadow Tue 23-May-06 09:07:58

thanks everyone. Had to go last night as DH needed computer.

Ive to go to Doctor again this morning so Ill know for definite then.

hunkermunker Tue 23-May-06 09:18:28

Dewmeadow, most GPs don't know anything about medication and bfeeding - they all err on the side of crazily cautious and just say "oh, give up bfeeding". Please ring the Breastfeeding Network's Drugline as they will be able to give you up to the minute advice.

HTH and good luck.

frogs Tue 23-May-06 09:39:05

Dew, can I echo what others have said? Most GPs and many hospital doctors know diddly squat about breastfeeding and medication. It's not a sexy topic, there's not much research into it, and the drug companies certainly aren't interested in funding any. To get themselves off the hook, they just put, "don't take this drug while breastfeeding" on the accompanying leaflet. Most substances do not pass into the milk in significant quantities to harm the baby, despite the widely-held misconception that eg. you have to express and dump the milk after having a few glasses of wine.

There are some, very few, drugs and combinations of drugs which are absolutely contraindicated in bfeeding, mainly very powerful anticancer medications which act by damaging rapidly dividing cells. Unless there is direct evidence to the contrary, there should be an assumption that the benefits of bfeeding will outweigh the theoretical dangers.

I breastfed all three of mine while taking powerful immunosuppressant medication -- and yes, it said on the leaflet not to take while breastfeeding, and yes I was told by staff on the postnatal ward that I couldn't or shouldn't breastfeed because it would damage the baby's immune system. But luckily I was armed with the phone no. of my consultant immunologist, so could send them all off to hear it from the horses mouth. Oddly enough most of them avoided me after that. And all my children have immune systems like armoured tanks.

Don't take your GP or non-specialist Dr's word for it -- get your Dr to actually contact a senior thyroid specialist in a proper teaching hospital and find out in full detail whether there is a known problem with the drugs and the doses you are taking. Seriously, a proper specialist is the only person likely to have enough experience to be able to give you a proper answer.

There is an american website that run by a consultant who has actually researched the topic in detail -- it doesn't come up easily on a google, but I'll see if I can locate it.

frogs Tue 23-May-06 09:42:07

Here you are.

Wisp Tue 23-May-06 12:14:39

I posted a similar thread a few weeks back ( under my old name of MummyVicky) I have hyperthyroidism, and gots lots of great support on here.However I had to stop breastfeeding as my PTU dose was too high to be safe breastfeeding
I was heartbroken as I'd fed my other 2 until at least 1 when they self weaned.
My DS2 was 10 months, and I was heartbroken as no more kids for us, and I wanted to breastfeed for as long as poss.
I'm not 100% but the wonderful woman at the Breastfeeding Network's Drugline told me I could safely take up to 300mg a day- although baby would need blood tests to make sure it didn't make him Hypothyriod.
Sorry this is a bit of a ramble, Im doing 10 things at once!

Wisp Tue 23-May-06 12:17:11

Oops just wanted to add that DS2 took brilliantly to a bottle,and he loves it.
You can have lots of lovely cuddles while bottlefeeding still, and hand on heart I havn't missed breastfeeding anything near as much as I thought I would.

dewmeadow Tue 23-May-06 16:12:07

Thanks Wisp. The Doctor phoned round quite a few specialists and what she discovered was that Rory would need to be regularly tested to check his levels. Even though it upsets me to give up totally - I dont know that I want him to go through the pain of blood tests and the risk of messing with his thyroid function when it can be avoided.

Thanks everyone for your advice and support. It os SOOOOO good to have somewhere like this to just express what you're feeling and get other perspectives on things, especially from people whoi are going through the same sorts of situations.

hunkermunker Tue 23-May-06 16:14:08

Did you ring the BFN Drugline? They are honestly the best people to talk to - so many health professionals (even specialists) are utterly ignorant about bfeeding.

tiktok Tue 23-May-06 16:16:25

Dew, blood tests don't have to be painful, nor frequent, as far as I know.

Make sure you have all the info you need, before you make a choice.

dewmeadow Thu 25-May-06 15:13:08

sorry, I was away yesterday. My GP phoned brestfeeding specialists for me and she contacted the drug helpline, and the result was the same. I do feel sad about sstopping but I dont want to risk messing up Rory's thyroid. Thanks for all advice again.

Eulalia Thu 25-May-06 15:21:19

Do you have to stop immediately? Just wondering if you could build up a bit of a milk bank in the freezer so he could maybe still have one bottle of expressed milk a day for the next few months - I know easier said than done! don't know about blood tests but they don't usually need more than a pinprick of blood for most tests. Good luck anyway.

dewmeadow Thu 25-May-06 18:17:40

I couldnt keep expressed milk as it might contain the drug Im taking but I was wondering about expressing just to keep the milk supply there and then perhaps my levels would maybe decrease in a few weeks and I could continue feedingDS.

Eulalia Sat 27-May-06 10:11:18

Let us know how it goes dewmeadow.

mears Sat 27-May-06 10:17:05

That's a good idea dewmeadow.

I was also wondering why you could not express and still give a feed at night time for the moment? He would be getting much less exposure to the drug than he would if he was having all breastfeeds?

What time in the day do you take your medication? How often?

Could you not directly breastfeed prior to taking your tablet?

I am just thiking that if you have been taking medication and breastfeeding fully, the total exposure to the medication would surely be more than limiting breastfeeds until your dose is reduced?

I would discuss this directly with BFN counsellor rather than through third person.

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