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fussing/refusing breast....intermittantly!

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ladypop Fri 17-May-13 20:28:18

Our DS is 4 weeks old. BF got off to a great start (no soreness like with our first DS). At about 10 days, he started fussing on my right breast. I got some advice from BF support but no real improvement. I wasn't too stressed as he was stilll feeding well from the other side. The following week, however ,he decided to fuss/not latch on/scream the house down on the other side too sad

I ended up giving him some formula as he needed to feed and this settled him. I saw our BF supporter again, who is brilliant and very expreienced, who said he was tongue tied, as was our first. We had his tongue nipped on Wednesday in the hope this would improve things. I know that she said it can take a while to see an improvement but after a good couple of days, today has been stressful with the same old fussing and reluctance to take the breast. Ended up giving a couple of ounces of formula again tonight as worried he simply hasn't had enough milk from me today.

I think I am just a bit sad that it isn't going smoothly and is unpredictable. BF lady said to contact her if necessary and I know she would be happy to see us again.

Just wish I knew what the problem was as he can feed like a pro then just goes mental at me the next time. I thought it could be to do with something I have eaten that he doesn't like the taste of, so perhaps need to keep a food diary......any other thoughts? x

aldeburgh Sun 19-May-13 04:09:26

Bumping for you... Dd had her tt snipped last week so feel your stress.

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