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Bf, pregnant and really worried about supply

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Goodkingwalkingslass Tue 14-May-13 20:14:39

Ds turns 10mo next week. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and really worried my milk supply is dwindling rapidly. I don't know what to do :-(

I intended to bf for much longer than this and I'm freaking out at the thought of not being able to meet ds's requirement for milk. He's a good eater and I think still getting some bm as I can hear him swallowing but his appetite has increased a lot over the last few weeks.

Do I need to start giving him formula? He's never had any and I feel like crying at the thought. I'm so annoyed and sad that I didn't know this might happen. What to do?

tricksybaby200 Tue 14-May-13 22:11:31

Can you express in evenings to increase supply? Hope you can manage to keep on smile

Goodkingwalkingslass Wed 15-May-13 10:47:29

Thanks for your reply. I'll have a go at expressing and see what I get. Just worried I won't get much and that will stress me out more!

Eskino Wed 15-May-13 10:58:28

You don't need to give formula, please don't fret.

How much solid food is he eating? At 10 months his appetite will be shifting from milk to 'proper food'.

I heard somewhere that breast milk can taste "weird" to your baby when you become pregnant, certainly my ds went right off bm when I got preg but he was 14 months and only really having comfort feeds by that time.

You could up his solids, I'm sure nutritionally he'll be fine smile

RedKites Wed 15-May-13 16:09:23

I just wanted to comment on one thing in your post I intended to bf for much longer than this. Even if your supply drops off a lot, even if you decide you do need to supplement with formula/cows' milk/etc., it doesn't mean your DS will stop BFing. Some children do wean when the mother is pregnant, so I certainly can't guarantee he won't, but others will dry nurse and continue BFing long after the baby arrives. If you haven't seen it already, there is lots of information on breastfeeding in pregnancy on Kellymom.

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