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posterior tongue tie/supply

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aldeburgh Tue 14-May-13 07:45:24

Dd had posterior tie cut yesterday.... LC suggested domperidone for boosting supply that will not be great after 8 weeks of poor milk transfer... I don't want to take medication really but of course i want to boost supply. I just assumed it would go up once dd started taking more??

amazingmumof6 Tue 14-May-13 09:10:59

you should try and pump BM - that will definitely increase milk supply

it is fiddly and time consuming, but after 3-4 days you should have more milk. I can't remember the "exact" strategy, but a good BF expert can give you advice on how often and how long to pump.

I also found that treating baby as a "newborn" helped too - I fed DD every 2 hours in the day.
she was born on 75% for weight but went down to 0.2%! she took 6 weeks to get back up to her birthweight - she had posterior TT as well, plus and high arch of the soft palate, so breast or bottle she had trouble forming a proper latch.

go to the osteopath to check the soft palate (cranial osteopathy) - it worked wonders for us!

if that helps she's just turned 1 and is now again 75% for weight (and height) and is a healthy, cheeky little monkey!

aldeburgh Tue 14-May-13 10:41:21

Thank you

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