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Have I got Thrush?

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talulahbeige Mon 13-May-13 19:39:15

I've been really struggling with dbf, nipple pain from the start, ive seen various bf counsellors who havent helped. I'm told the latch is good etc but baby isnt taking enough areola into her mouth, however nobody tells me how to get more in. We're now 7 weeks in

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I started to have more different pains within my breasts. The areola felt as though it had been clamped within a vice, my breast itself became sensetive to touch, not constantly but at random times, it also felt like hot pins when my baby touched my breast during feeding. These pains don't just happen when feeding but can occur at any time. They ache from time to time as well. When my baby feeds it can feel as though she is sucking the milk ducts out of my breast.

Is this thrush? I've read a bit about it but I'm not sure, Also is it worth going to the drs as most things i've read say that they are unlikely to do anything.

Thanks from a ftm about to give up

funkydubs Mon 13-May-13 19:49:56

Hi. Just please hang on there. I had trouble feeding my 3rd, nearly gave up, in a nut shell, i took her to a chiropractor to see if her mouth bones were oit of place. As it was, the roof of her mouth was slightly, he clicked it back, no pain at all to her, and she feed fine after that, as regards the pain when you feed, perhaps she may be latching wrong, if the bones are Out a bit. I would recomend seeing a doc to just check boobs are fine. Hope this info helps. Ps, my youngest is 18 months, still feeding loads, but when my boob is emptied, i get a funny feeling like there is a pin in his mouth pricking my nipple, but that is only after a good 10-15 minds of suckling, just thought I'd add that, in case it helps you.

noblegiraffe Mon 13-May-13 19:58:32

There's some info on diagnosing thrush here

McBaby Mon 13-May-13 20:19:57

Sounds like the problems I was having has your LO been checked for tongue tie. I was in pain for weeks before our wa spotted at so weeks. My breasts were so sore.

I was told repeatedly her latch was great but it was very shallow but they couldn't see what was happening inside. She was using her gums to feed as she had such poor tongue function.

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