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Thinking about topping up with formula, advice please!

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ElodiesDotingDad Sun 12-May-13 11:07:15

Hi all,
(First post,please be kind!)
My wife and I have a 20 day old little girl, who was born by planned cesarean for extended breech, at full term. She weighed 6lbs 6oz. She has been putting on weight nicely, had a day of conjunctivitis, a day of diarrhoea, has prolonged mild jaundice, and may or may not have oral thrush at present, but she is well. She feeds well from the breast, however we're starting to worry she's not being satisfied by the breast alone. She passes the day well, but after bathtime her feeds seem to become really drawn out, and as soon as she's put down looking all full and sleepy she roots about and starts chewing on her fists again. By the evening my wife feels her breasts are 'empty', and that the baby isn't getting enough milk. Last night we tried giving her a bottle of expressed milk after she fed from both breasts, and she took the for ounces we had and still kept showing signs of hunger after. My wife feels exhausted from the amount she keeps feeding, and Elodie isn't sleeping well either - but that's another thread!

So, we're contemplating using formula at night to top up, because Lucinda feels she couldn't express enough to keep up with that demand. Obviously this raises issues of interrupting the supply/demand feedback loop and reducing milk supply, and also the feeling of failure at not being able to meet Elodie's needs.

Any advice would be gratefully received, thanks for reading,

jkklpu Mon 13-May-13 17:48:43

By the way, I meant to say that you sound very supportive and wanting to do the best by your baby and your wife. Do be aware, though, that your desire to "solve" what looks like a problem may not be quite what your wife wants (in fact she may not know what she wants other than more sleep than she's getting now).

There's a risk that it comes across as undermining of her desire to bf your wish to try to help by getting advice on ff here. So do your best to go with what she wants to do rather than assume that there is a magic solution to a "problem"; it's not a problem, just normal for a tiny baby. She may just want you to cook her a meal she can eat while feeding, do the washing (and hang it up), make sure there is chocolate in the house, all the little things, as well as give her a hug without her asking.

roamingwest Mon 13-May-13 21:10:37

You sound like a fab DH! I have very little experience compared to all the other lovely posters who have given you advice, but your mention of 'EASY' rang an alarm bell with me. I took all of the Baby Whisperer's advice to heart, and thought it was a magic solution that would make DD (my first) a dream baby. Its not (another story!). I do believe in one of her books that she advises not attempting a routine for the first 4 weeks.

Just go with your baby, read her cues for hunger, but most importantly for overstimulation and tiredness (can I recommend Baby Sense Secrets by Megan Faure), she will find her own way in the end and will settle. You may find that you and your wife find this approach easier than trying to make DC fit a pattern of eating, activity, and sleeping. The stress of thinking your baby should be doing one thing when they are not cannot be underestimated smile.

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