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Quick expressing question from a beginner!

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wishfulthinking1 Fri 10-May-13 13:38:38

Hi all,
I'd like to start expressing one bottle a day so DH can give a night feed and I can get some sleep. PFB is now 20 days old.

I've bought a tommee tippee steriliser, which had some 150 ml bottles and closer to nature teats included. I've also been given a medela electric pump, which comes with medela bottles (which don't fit TT teats).

How do I get the milk from the Medela bottle to the TT one? Do I just literally tip it in? Am I missing something obvious? probably!

rubyslippers Fri 10-May-13 13:40:24

yes - just pour it in

AnythingNotEverything Fri 10-May-13 13:42:25

As long as both vessels are sterilised you can absolutely pour it from one to another.

Good luck!

VodkaRevelation Fri 10-May-13 13:46:37

Yes, tip away. Make sure all bottles and equipment are sterilised.

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