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Eek! Have just sort of started weaning from boob-help!!

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woopsidaisy Thu 09-May-13 20:08:46

Ok. Following many episodes of talking about it today I accidentally started actually not bfing!
As some of you may already know, DS3 is 8mo. Never took a bottle or dummy. BF on demand, and boy did he demand! Last night I was up 9 times!! He has top and bottom teeth and whilst he doesn't bite (any more) it is so painful.
Anyway have started a better routine for naps-45 mins am and then a lunch time one too. He only sleeps in 45 min stints. Bf to sleep for am feed-put in cot. Grand.
Lunchtime small bf, then put in cot awake-cried! Shushed to sleep. Woke after 45 mins, bawled! But I stayed with him, shushed and he went back over for another 40 mins. It spurred me on.
Put him down at 7pm, after bf. He was a bit unsettled but went over. Woke at 7.45 as per usual, didn't bf! Offered sippy cup with expressd milk. He refused. Fave him a wee cuddle and popped him into bed. Cried for 5 mins, I stayed with him and shushed.
So tonight, continue with the same?
Should I not offer breast until am?
Just stick with sippy cup?
Also he usually co sleeps from 12 ish, should I leave him in his room al night?
Hopefully some of you will have some answers, I feel mean! But all my friends , who are mums too have told me I need to do something....
Nervous and unsure.

Emilythornesbff Fri 10-May-13 03:38:15

Some women use a "don't offer, don't refuse" approach when they start weaning. So basically don't offer a bfeed but if baby really insists then you give bf IYSWIM. It's ok for him to be in his own room at his age. If he's eating well he might cut out night feeds now.
Basically, I think if u r comfortable with your new plan then carry on. (you can express too if u want). Go slowly and if you or baby aren't happy with the pace of change then go back a step. Don't feel pressured by other ppl's comments or choices.
Hope this makes sense I'm v tired.

TanteRose Fri 10-May-13 03:43:42

if he is only 8 months, then you will have to either express lots, or start him on formula, because solids will not give him all the calories he needs

If you wean, it might mean more night waking because he will be hungry for milk.

if he is getting enough breastmilk/formula during the day, then of course, you can try to nightwean smile

NoWayPedro Fri 10-May-13 06:55:47

I just night weaned my now 9 mo a couple of weeks ago - she started sleeping through and all my other friends have found the same thing. Last couple of nights she's woken once due to teething but I can cope with that. There was a lot of waking before!

Not a popular view but I believe a lot of babies can take enough milk in the day to not need milk every 2 hrs at night at this age - it's obviously for comfort. A couple of night feeds tops. Comfort snuggles also fine if you're fine with it but I wasn't as too tired and causing issues in the day.

If it were me I would continue since it doesn't seem baby was upset especially so even cutting down 1 feed at a time would be good for you.

woopsidaisy Fri 10-May-13 10:05:06

Thanks so the responses, ladies.
He is eating solids. No breakfast as never hungry-wonder why? grin
We actually had a good night-better than when he bfs!
He woke 6 times in total. Was very upset at the 2nd waking, as I offered sippy cup with expressed milk. I stayed with him throughout. Put him on his cot and shushed and patted gently.
Every time he woke after I gave him a wee cuddle, offered the sippy cup-which he took, just a few sips.
Then popped him back into bed and off to sleep he went!
He woke at 5.40 and I gave him a wee bf then and he slept until 7am.
He had some yogurt and cereal at 8.30, and is currently having his nap in cot. He had a wee bf, cried a bit in cot for a minute or so, then sleep.
Really feel I am making progress.
I will have to look up how many oz of milk he needs, as has always had boob so no idea how much he takes/needs. Was planning to express for a bit and gradually add in some formula?
Sorry you are so tired Emilythornesbff, I have been there!

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