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mixed feeding 7 month old / routine.

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Nancy54 Wed 08-May-13 13:05:33

My twins are now 7 months old and they are breastfed with one bottle (210ml) of fomula bed.
Dtb breastfeeds alot during the day, generally takes all of his bottle before bed and sleeps through. (yay!)
dtg however is a different story.....
For a while now she has been refusing to breastfeed during the day (cries when i offer). She's been taking the bottle for about three weeks but doesn't always drink all of it. Soooo....she wants to breastfeed loads at night!!! grrrrr he nappies are so wet in the morning, she always soaked through.

This week i've decided to give her bottles during the day in the hope that she may then stop needing to feed at night. She is a lot happy to take bottle than breast during the day for some reason. I'm hoping to cut down / stop bfing soonish so happy with this decision. Still bfing dtb during the day because it's working well.

Anyway, just wanted to know what people's formula feeding routines are with 7 month olds? when do you give them bottles and how much? I generally bf dtb mid morning and mid afternoon and on various other occasions if he wants to!!!

So this is what i have done with dtg this week:
6 ish bf
10am 150ml formula offered (she only takes 100ml)
12pm lunch
2:30 ish 150ml offered (takes less than 100ml)
4:30 / 5ish dinner
7:30 210ml offered (usually drinks 150ml)
then....2/3 breastfeeds at night

She doesn't seem that hungry when i'm offering - prob because she's still feeding a lot during the night.

People who formula feed, when do you give them milk during the day and in what quantity? thanks!!!

fatsamsgrandslam Wed 08-May-13 13:54:00

My DD is 8 months old and up until last week I mix fed her for about 6 weeks. I bf when she woke up, breakfast around 7.30, formula at about 10 (lately I've been making 9oz at every feed, sometimes she takes it all - sometimes not), lunch about 12.30-1, formula at about 2-3, dinner at 5-6 and then formula at 7. She hasn't needed feeding through the night for the last few weeks. Not convinced that is down to anything I'm doing - more down to her, I think.

Good luck!

Nancy54 Wed 08-May-13 19:20:46

thanks fat. i think she needs to take more during the day but she doesn't want to!

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