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Breast pump advice

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HanBanan89 Wed 08-May-13 10:43:28

Hello everyone
At the moment I have a ebf 9 week old dd, I have a few weddings and hen do's coming up including my own in September. so have been expressing using an electric pump and freezing my milk to build up a store.
We havnt yet really tried dd with a bottle but aim to start in the next week or so substituting one feed a day for a bottle.
Anyway to get to the point I am staying away on a friends hen do in June (absolutely dreading leaving dd but it's got to be done at some point!) but I am going to have to express while away or my boobs may explode! As I said earlier I do have an electric pump and I can express some off by hand, but I want to get a cheap manual pump to take with me as I think it will be a bit more discreet that the loud drone of the electric pump.
Any recommendations ladies would be gratefully received! Thanks

blossombath Wed 08-May-13 19:54:35

I found the Avent ISIS manual one most effective, even more so than a fancy meleda electric one I borrowed, but it's one of those areas where something that works well for one person might be useless for another.

Most brands do manual versions of their electric pumps - if the one you have works for you/is comfortable then maybe try the manual version? That way you know it won't pinch nipples etc.

Or, you could learn to hand express, save yourself buying anything new? Take some bottles/pots to express into, and a cool bag to keep them in while you are away. (This rather depends on how long you're away for, I guess - probably work for one night, perhaps not for two).

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