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Tempted to stop BF but worried about faffiness of formula

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NichyNoo Tue 07-May-13 07:44:09

DS2 is almost 5 months old and EBF. He is a very big baby (weighs 18lbs) and feeds every 3 hours. He feeds at least twice a night (whereas BF DS1 was only waking once a night at this stage). However the past two days he is crying lots and wants to feed every 2 or 2.5 hours, including at night. I am shattered. Toddler DS1 doesn't nap and is very demanding.

I want to drink more than 1 glass of wine, I want to wear nice clothes and not my repertoire of 5 old stretchy tops that I can wrestle a boob out of, I want to wear a proper fitted, underwired bra, I want to sleep.

But I'm worried about formula feeding over the summer. DS1 was a winter baby so when he went onto formula I made up bottles in advance (at 70 degrees etc.) and stored in fridge or could take out with me. However in the summer on a long day out how do I use formula? Can't take a flask of hot water as already overloaded with 2 kids, change of clothes, changing bag. Don't want to make in advance in the hot weather as too difficult to keep cool. Pre-made cartons are too expensive. Feel trapped.

Plus I read Politics of Breastfeeding and feel guilty about wanting to stop but I just need a break from caring from baby 24/7 and formula will let other people help out for more than a 3 hour stretch between feeds.

Are pre-made cartons the only answer?

50shadesofbrown Tue 07-May-13 07:56:40

I feel for you. I felt stuck in similar situation. DD solved it by biting & hanging on like grin death when teeth came through, so I stopped. If anyone challenged me I just told them she drew blood. (she did, and left teeth marks.)
Anyway, your options when going out are:
carton formula;
To make it up & chill it right down before you go, put it in a pre-chilled bottle bag, this is ok for an hour or two if you have a healthy baby, but no good for all day;
Take a flask & powder & make it up when you need it.

It is only for a few months. My DD turns 1 today & it's a lot easier - when we're out & she needs a drink she has water or we buy fresh milk & just put it in a bottle for her.

Forgetfulmog Tue 07-May-13 08:12:14

OP it's entirely up to you how you feed your child, but it does sound like DS is going through a growth spurt so this feeding frenzy won't last forever.

I do understand how you feel, dd was going through a phase of feeding every 1.5-2 hrs day & night so I totally get it (although I appreciate I don't have a toddler), but she is now 2-3 hrs & sometimes longer at night (8 mo).

If you want to give up bf, then don't feel guilty about it, it's your choice smile

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