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Bf DS losing weight after introduction of solids

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Gurke Mon 06-May-13 20:45:31

Also posted this in weaning, but suddenly thought it might be more suitable here...

So I finally took the plunge and gave solids to my DS (7 1/2 months actual, 4 1/2 months corrected age as he was very prem). He is exclusively bf. For a week now he's been getting one meal a day (usually lunch) of baby rice with bm and/ or banana (haven't been very adventurous yet). He is enjoying it but not taking great amounts, which hasn't worried me because I offer him a bf not long before and not long afterwards.

But: for the first time since he was newborn he has LOST weight this week! I know most people don't weigh their LO's on a weekly basis; I do as a habit from his time in NICU. But he shouldn't be losing weight over any period, right? (I should say that he hasn't lost very much, c. 25 grams according to our baby scales, but still...) Do you think I should I stop the solids for a while, or do you think this is normal? Any ideas would be great, thanks.

KatAndKit Mon 06-May-13 22:34:39

I think perhaps starting solids might have meant that he is taking in less milk. Milk is more nutritious than solids. You are right he should not be losing weigh although one ounce is just a wee or a poo really! He should be gaining weight each week though so I think you should seek medical advice about the solids and make sure he is getting enough milk each day. I would have thought one solid meal a day would be fine but perhaps he just is not ready yet and you need to wait to nearer 6 months corrected?

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