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Painful breasts weaning ebf baby

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squidkid Mon 06-May-13 15:09:35

I just need some handholding I think sad

Baby is just over 7 months old and is suddenly eating more solids (just played with food from 6 months really). We were on 10-12 bfs a day and now it's more like 6. In the last 24 hours boobs are really engorged and painful. They were lumpy last night and I think I had a blocked duct on the left which was very painful (I didn't sleep all night) and I managed to clear by getting baby to feed 3 times between 4am and 6am (normally she just has one feed then). It's so painful when feeding and between feeding - I keep offering and she just has a few sips and gives up.

I presume my boobs will adjust? I didn't know it would be this painful sad I've had hot baths and massaged them and tried to express a little by hand (can't seem to get much out despite them being engorged) and am taking ibuprofen.

Please tell me this will get better. Is it going to be like this every time she drops a feed? sad

minipie Mon 06-May-13 18:08:45

My sympathy, I haven't had this exact experience but have had blocked ducts and it's so painful.

My tip - I found taking lecithin (as recommended to me on MN) for a few days helped stop me getting recurring blocked ducts.

other than that, use hot flannels or heat pads as much as you can, massage the lumps before and during feeds (I know it kills), and see if you can express at all especially just before you go to bed. I'm sure you have already tried these things though...

your boobs will adjust but how quickly seems to vary from woman to woman - should only be a few days though. good luck.

do keep an eye out for mastitis - if there is any sort of red patch on the breast or if it feels hot to the touch, or if you feel at all flu-ey, you may have mastitis and need to get antibiotics ASAP.

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