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Feel like I'm reaching my limit

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Littlelot Mon 06-May-13 13:28:08

My ds is now 4months and has been predominantly bf. we topped up with formula due to poor weight gain in first few weeks - after trying nipple shields which we the had to wean him off as he had so poor latch. Since then he has been ebf. we have had tongue tie (cut at 8 weeks) things seemed to get better for a few weeks. Then I got a couple of blisters again dealt with them they went all seemed better. Now I have my third blocked duct in 2 weeks. I've read Kelly mom and doing all the massages, warm compresses, feeding etc and they do clear but then come back again a couple of days later. It's sooo painful I can't sleep properly. Now ds is due a nap and I'm trying everything to get him down without resorting to the pram as its tipping it down outside and I just want a cup of tea and a but of a rest myself.

I know it will clear again today or tomorrow but just feeling a bit down and sore. Anyone else had repeated blocked ducts and if so please tell me they do settle down and I won't have this as long as I keep feeding? I feel like I'm back to setting little goals to keep going. I really enjoyed the few weeks when it all just worked but at the moment it seems like one thing after another.

minipie Mon 06-May-13 20:25:51

Oh, I could have written your post a few weeks ago. I too had a few weeks of recurring blocked ducts (and one bout of mastitis) and it came on top of lots of other feeding issues.

But, the blocked ducts have now gone (I found taking lecithin for a few days helped,though it could just be coincidence) and so far no other feeding issue has reared its head unless you count DD's new habit of thwacking me with her free arm while feeding. At the moment I feel happy to carry on.

What has also helped me is taking the pressure off myself to carry on. I have started doing one FF a day and am not feeling any guilt about that, it means I'm a bit less hungry and tired and DH can do a feed, plus it gives me the reassurance that if I ever have to stop BFing for any reason DD will be fine.

What I think I'm saying is perhaps if you give yourself permission to stop any time you want to, you might feel more relaxed and happier to carry on (for the moment)? that's how it worked for me anyway.

Littlelot Tue 07-May-13 08:02:37

Thanks for the reply - sorry for my late response I had a very early night last night. He managed to clear the block at his 2am feed so at least I then had a few hours of pain free sleep. Can't believe how much better I feel. You wouldn't think a blocked duct could make you feel so rubbish.

Am very very glad to hear that yours stopped and it gives me hope that mine will soon. Will try to get some of the lecithin today. Can I ask which feed you substituted for a bottle as I was thinking of doing the same anyway at around midday as it is his worst feed as he generally is too curious about the world around him then.

Will persevere for a few more weeks and see if things get better. Dr said the same yesterday that if I wanted to stop I shouldn't feel guilty as he has had over 4months which is good and he is healthy and happy.

Thank you again for kind response was just feeling so frustrated with t all yesterday - think tiredness didn't help. Feeling more positive today fingers crossed no more blocked ducts.

minipie Tue 07-May-13 20:40:58

glad it's cleared, it is such a relief isn't it?

we do the 10.30pm feed as a ff, we used to do it as an expressed bm feed but then I got sick of expressing. in theory it means I can go to bed early while DH does that feed (though in practice I am bad at making myself go to bed)

if you're having blocked ducts though, i think a midday feed would be better to drop as it's better to give your boobs a good clear out before bed. it may take a while to get DS to take a bottle if he's never had one, lots of advice on here about how to do it if you do decide to.

you have done really well to get to 4 months esp with all the difficulties - many stop at th first hurdle - so pat yourself on the back and take the pressure off.

violetlights Tue 07-May-13 20:58:54

I had repeated blocked ducts... one thing (alongside the usual stuff) which helped was ibuprofen. I believe in reducing the inflammation, it allows more room for the milk to flow. Or something. Massage, shower, massage, shower, sounds so relaxing in a different context, doesn't it?

I had one thing after another: nipple thrush, infected nipple, nipple blisters, blood blisters, mastitis, a million blocked ducts. I agree with minipie - giving yourself permission to stop (I don't like the phrase 'give up') conversely encourages you to continue. But hey, when you do stop, don't beat yourself up, give yourself a huge pat on the back! smile

abigboydidit Wed 08-May-13 07:41:59

Hi, hope things still okay. Just wanted to add I kept getting blocked ducts and got re-fitted for new bras by a service that specialises in nursing bras & not effing m&s and the problem cleared literally within hours. I had been measured by Markies but they were sitting too high up on my back apparently and the edge of the cup was compressing my breast rather than supporting it. I changed from a 34D to a 32DD which probably doesn't seem huge but was amazing! I also got these "hidden support" nursing vests for sleeping in as I sleep on my stomach but need a bra to hold pads in place as I still leak a lot. Honestly, I am evangelical about the difference they have made blush

WouldBeHarrietVane Wed 08-May-13 08:20:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Littlelot Wed 08-May-13 20:26:33

I'm very grateful for the encouraging responses - and not that I'm glad other people had similar issues but it is nice to hear that it can get better. I'm feeling much more positive about everything and am taking it one feed at a time. Thanks for the tip about the bra - think I will check that out as I think I might have to move down a back size as more of the baby weight has gone.

I have found Kelly mom website very useful for all issues thus far - what previous generations did without the internet I don't know. Even if it isn't for finding information it's really useful for sharing experiences.

Still keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get no more. Thank you all again.

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