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Sore boob.

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babybythesea Mon 06-May-13 08:02:37

I might have to ring the midwife it's so sore but as it's bank holiday not sure who'll be there etc so trying here first.

I have a nearly 3 week old dd, demand breast-feeding. All is going well - she feeds regularly and well, had no problems with getting it established (she's my second so I knew what I was doing this time round which made all the difference), I've got no problems with supply.

But yesterday evening I noticed that my left breast was starting to feel very tender underneath, and was developing a bit of a lump. Not unusual - it felt the way it does when she's due a feed and I've got milk ready and waiting! So I fed her on that side when she woke up. Only while most of the hardness in the breast vanished as usual (oh the relief when that happens!) there was one spot underneath where it didn't. It's not quite as hard as it was but it's still very tender, like a bruise. I'm wondering if I have a blocked milk duct or something as it's sore in a line right up to the nipple. She's fed from that side twice since (oernight) and it doesn't go away.

Does this sound like anything anyone here has experienced and if so, what did you do about it? I have read a couple of other threads and it does sound like I've got a blocked duct - I'm on my own today with four yo dd and the baby so baths not really possible. Will look at links suggested in other threads.

wellieboots Mon 06-May-13 08:10:02

Sounds like a blocked duct you poor thing sad try massage it, warm flannel, rest if you canwink

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