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Bf a 16mo - how many days can you skip?

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JeremyPiven Sun 05-May-13 19:36:26

Am currently feeding DS 16mo morning and night. I want to bf as long as I can/ he wants to but have some work trips coming up. How many days can I be away before he loses interest or my milk is affected?

If it makes a difference I could cut down to a single evening feed beforehand I suppose. I have a 2 night trip in a couple of months and I really don't want it to stop us. I know he will reluctantly take a beaker instead if I'm not there, as have been out for an evening before.

Later in the year I may be away for 4 or 5 nights


Onesliceortwo Sun 05-May-13 19:41:50

I've had to be away a couple of times and have a 16mo too. She is fine to take a bottle so that wasn't a worry. I took the breast pump with me and pumped when I would usually have fed. I tipped the milk down the sink, but this made sure that a supply was still 'there' for when I got home!
I'm afraid I have no idea how long you can miss feeds for and still have a supply though - I was too worried to risk losing it completely or leak everywhere! Hope that helps. Good luck.

ghosteditor Sun 05-May-13 19:48:21

I have a 15mo frequent feeder and I had to leave her for a 3 day work trip last month. She would never take a bottle so never had formula, but will have some cow's milk now. She was absolutely fine at home with her dad, but I was in serious discomfort at work.

I took the pump and tried to pump in the mornings with no success, then had more luck in the evenings (no chance to try in the day). I was in discomfort from the afternoon of the first full day and in severe discomfort on the second day with engorgement. Both evenings I spent ages pumping and massaging in the shower.

But by the third day my supply had adjusted and I was much more comfortable. I've had no problem increasing my supply again since: DD is a milk monster...

JeremyPiven Sun 05-May-13 19:49:52

Thanks, yes I am also worried about leaking, but the trouble is I am rubbish at pumping. Always have been, 2 ebf babies for over a year each, and never managed to pump more than about 20mls. Think it will be even worse now that I only do a couple of feeds a day.

JeremyPiven Sun 05-May-13 19:51:27

That's reassuring thanks ghost

I had stopped wearing pads, I suspect I'll have to get them out again smile

ghosteditor Sun 05-May-13 20:09:38

I forgot the pads as I only leaked a couple of times and stopped wearing them a year ago. I meant to pack them and was in a bit of a flap when I realised! No leakage thoughsmile

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