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Do Periods effect Milk Supply?

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Broadie Fri 19-May-06 11:30:03


Does anyone know - or did they experience an effect on supply when their periods resumed?

Gutted - got to work this morning and found that my 17month period drought is officially over.

I still breastfeed - have been back at work 8 weeks and express twice a day. Every day I have managed to express the same amount at each session. My daughter and I have a day off together in the week where we exclusively breastfeed and then again over the weekend. My supply has been what I would call abundant. But this morning where I would normally express 180ml without batting an eyelid - I struggled with the 140ml I did express.

Could my period have effect my supply? Will it go back to normal once the cycle passes? Should I fit in an extra pump throughout today to ensure that the supply doesn't drop?

Normally in the afternoon I would only get 140ml - so god knows how much I will get later on.

Anyone know the answer to this one?


suzi2 Fri 19-May-06 17:24:38

I asked this a while back - my AF hadn't returned by I had noticed droughts/abundances of expressed milk at times. So I thought I may have been qorking back to a cycle as such. Anyway, I don't think anyone knew the answer!

I've now had my period back for 2 cycles and I have noticed that I don't express well when I have it. Although that may be due to being tired and feeling grotty too - I'm not a good expresser at the best of times! Mind you, last night (I now only express occasionally) I did very well and that was day 8 of my cycle - so I'll keep an eye on it for you!


beartime Sat 20-May-06 22:15:21


bramblina Sat 20-May-06 22:26:44

You've just got me thinking ladies. I had never considered this one.
Have you tried a glass of stout broadie? Apparently that can increase supply. I keep meaning to do it but keep forgetting.

beartime Sun 21-May-06 08:56:04

I had heard that it can be affected, I don't know if temp. or perm. though.

Broadie Sun 21-May-06 20:51:44

17 this includes my pregnancy which was 9 and half mnths plus babies age.

I haven't done the ale thing = though any excuse eh?

Anyhoo - from research apparently they do effect milk supply - great.


scienceteacher Sun 21-May-06 21:02:32

I had many periods while breastfeeding and honestly didn't notice a difference.

I've had five children and fed each well into the next pregnancy, with the last two tandem nursing. With my last three, my periods returned within 4 months (#4 the day of my six week check!) - that's with fully breastfeeding, round the clock.

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