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DS nearly 1 yrs old, cut down on milk or let him lead the way?

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sharond101 Sat 04-May-13 22:29:19

DS is 1 in a few weeks. He is taking three meals per day and small snacks like breadsticks but he isn't a big eater and somedays refuses most things I give him. He is still taking almost 600ml milk per day. Should I cut this down or let him decide when he wants to reduce it? I give him solids first now to encourage him to eat more. He won't take yoghurt or cheese. He does like custard though. This is what he had today

7.30am 1/2 weetabix with milk (sometimes with some pureed fruit in)
8.30am 100ml milk
10.30am 1/2 rich tea biscuit, 3 raisins
12noon 1/2 small sandwich, 3 spoons homemade soup
1pm 180ml milk
4.30pm 3 cocktail sausages, 2 potato shapes
6pm small bowl ready brek with milk
7pm 300ml milk

LittleMissLucy Sun 05-May-13 00:57:38

I don't remember the "rules" but my DCs didn't drink milk in the day once they were over 1 yr old and fully eating solids. They had a small morning drink and a small night time drink (100 mls each time).
But to each his own and I think someone more helpful might come along....

Whitewineformeplease Sun 05-May-13 02:01:23

My DD is almost one and I'm going through the same thing. She doesn't eat much, a few mouthfuls of this and that, lots of fruit and she likes pasta, but some days she barely eats anything! I'm worried about cutting down her three bottles a day as well, as at least I can reassure myself that she's getting enough from them. I have noticed, though, that the past week she's starting to cut down on the bottle in the middle of the day. So I think that'll go in the next few weeks. I'm not going to force it, at least at the minute. I think eventually we'll be down to just one bottle, at night.

Emilythornesbff Sun 05-May-13 04:44:25

Well about a pint is the recommendation (including cheese etc) so not masses of milk really.
Personally I would be led by him if you're happy to do so. Especially if he likes the food he has. I was usually happy if ds ate some meat or fish, some fruit and veg and carbs in the day. Looks like your lo sleeps through. So looking good I'd say.

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